Snow Bunny Mummy

by Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My friend Janelle bases herself at Mt Buller each year with her three daughters and this woman is an expert when it comes to top tips for taking your little cherubs to the snow... 1. Aim for half an hour before the time you need to be ready by, everything takes so long! 2. Mittens or gloves? Mittens ...

Travel Essentials & Gadgets

CGear Sand-Free Tote Bag

CGear Sand-Free Tote Bag

Imagine finding a beach bag that repels sand… yes, it exists! And your search is over… Introducing the CGear Sand-Free Tote Bag. This trendy tote has a unique patented weave that acts as a one-way sift, ensuring the sand, dirt and dust that enters your bag literally falls to the ground below. It’s durable, large and looks great and is available now! Find out...

TSA Lock

Travel with peace of mind and secure your luggage with the TSA Combilock 4 Dial Padlock by Kathmandu. A luggage lock acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves and helps you rest easy knowing your possessions are secure. A must-have travel essential. The TSA lock also allows travellers the freedom to protect their belongings, while not interfering with the need for...

goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS

Travelling without communication with your loved ones can be quite a scary thought – if you’re an adventurer, you’ll know too well you can go hours, or even days, without gaining a single bar of reception and for your loved ones, the thought of you not staying in touch during your adventures can be daunting. goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS ensures you’ll stay connected, no...
KATHMANDU compression packing cell

Compression Packing Cells

Kathmandu Compression Packing Cells are an absolute must-have travel companion! Simply fill the cell with clothing (even bulky clothing!) then zip the top closed, open the valve on the cell and push the air out. Why we love it – these space savers create more room for shopping!!! Find it here for around AU$40. ...

Honeymoon in Vietnam

by Thursday, August 4, 2016

When a Vietnamese friend asked me to recommend some honeymoon suggestions for his own homeland, I thought "hmm, maybe some other loved up travellers could benefit from this info..." So I've put together my top five of where I think you'll feel the love, in magnificent Vietnam... 1. HANOI The bustling, big capital city with a gorgeous Old Quarter that is ...