On Board Survival Kit

by Thursday, May 26, 2016

The other day, I checked in to my overseas flight and realised I was seated so far down the back, I may as well have been on the loo! As the queue for the loo grew, I started to strategise how to avoid that tiny little cubicle shared by the masses in economy – where you really don’t want to touch the surfaces for fear of… well, I’m just in fear of them.

Ok, I’m raving, so here’s how to get yourself out of trouble onboard – in 10 easy steps…

1. Cleansing wipes. Yes, we are told to clean off our makeup quick sticks when we board a long-haul flight, but heaven help you if you expect to cleanse, wash, tone and dry in that tiny lavatory. Just wipe your face clean with throwaway cleansing wipes. Easy peasy.

2. Next, pop on a really good moisturiser. I received this Aviation Hydration moisturiser in my Logies gift bag recently. I’ve tested it and I highly recommend it! It also contains 16 certified organic ingredients – so rest easy knowing it’s skin-friendly.

3. Dab a little bit of soothing eye cream on, like La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel, and you’ll be looking like Gigi Hadid’s doppelgänger in no time!

4. I use a water spritzer numerous time during my flight, sometimes putting a few drops of essential oils in the container. But you really do notice the difference in the glow of your skin soon after landing.

5. Eye drops – one of those items you often only think of when in the air and your eyes are stinging from all that screen time, irregular sleep and cabin air (or lack thereof).

6. Hand cream and lip balm are absolute necessities in any passenger kit. Once again, they’re items that only dawn on you when flying. The air is just so dry and if you’re like me and you refuse to cut coffee or vino, you’ll thank me for reminding you to pack these hydration hit bombs. Of course you’d never use that ‘b’ word near an airport, my bad.

7. Panadol. So, I’ve admitted I love to go onboard and enjoy a lil’ cheeky wine or indulge in bad coffee. Therefore, I may pay with a mild headache near touch down. No worries, pop a Panadol and let the good times roll.

8. Packet tissues. I can never find a tissue mid-flight when I need one. Flight attendants seem to resent you calling them down to ask for a single Kleenex, so don’t, listen to me and bring your own.

9. Wet Ones. I should have shares in this company. Truly. I’ve these travel packs everywhere! When I first started in TV, the wardrobe chicks all recommended we use these to take any stains out of clothes, now I do that, tidy my children’s fingers and faces and yes – wipe up my own spills in the sky and on my travels.

10. Just before you land, give yourself a mini facial: whack on some Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. No matter your gender, a dollop of one (or both) of these products is devine.

Now, go onboard… and glow!


Catriona Rowntree