A city with energy to match theirs

by Saturday, April 27, 2019

Interview with the Rancan Sisters – twins Lisa & Adele Rancan: [Their favourite travel destination is…] Los Angeles, California. We are regular visitors to LA. With our business and the love for fitness, the trip is usually based around work or a fitness conference but we always discover something new. Adele was a local at Pacific Palisades for six years with Lisa visiting regularly. It’s like a second home and spending more time there allows you to delve deep into a city to uncover hidden gems. Beaches, mountains, outdoors, the weather, the shopping, the gyms and fitness studios, healthy restaurants and fun bars. Los Angeles has an energy that matches ours.

The Rancan Sisters.

Their top tip for holidaying in LA

Pack lightly or take an extra bag because you always shop more than you expect. Order one meal and split it – even the healthy servings are way too big. Take lots of small bills for tipping. It’s their way of life and you have to accept it – don’t be the stingy Aussie.

Something they always pack when they travel

Workout gear and running shoes, yoga strap, massage ball and resistance bands (these are small and compact but oh so effective for stretching/toning and trigger point massage after a long flight. Wherever we are, we like to explore the local area by walking or hiking. We usually combine this as part of our holiday.

A destination on their bucket list, for future travels

It will always be a destination which involves some activity and healthy food. There are many great walking holidays, including the great walks right here in Australia. Having already been to The Maria Island Walk in Tasmania, which we loved. We are keen to try out other walking holidays with a bit of luxury.

A travel disaster – or near-miss – which stays in their mind

We were on a Fitness Conference in New Orleans and misjudged the time to get to the airport. We missed our connecting flight back to Los Angeles. We jumped into a taxi and explained to the driver we needed to get a hotel near the airport overnight. We were dropped off at a place which felt like the worst part of town in the middle of nowhere. It was run down, skanky and looked like drug deals were going on everywhere. Everyone stopped and stared as we walked in. The driver himself looked like he was probably in on the deal – dropping off two Aussie aerobics instructors. We really didn’t think we’d come out of there alive. We were scared to death. We had a very strong intuition not to stay there and we’ve never missed a flight since.

About the Rancan Sisters

The Rancan Sisters, Adele and Lisa Rancan (twins) have been leaders in the health and fitness industry

from the very beginning, introducing Australia to aerobics. They are highly qualified in the field of health and fitness, they are business owners, role models and mentors.

During their days on Channel 10’s Good Morning Australia, viewers would rise and shine to an earlymorning aerobics workout with The Rancan Sisters inspired to get fit and healthy.

They were the first to become celebrity personal trainers and clients included, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. They are energetic and love to share their passion of health and fitness with everyone they meet.

They’ve led the way and introduced many unique workouts, the latest is their DOGA class.
Featured on Channel 10’s The Bachelorette with Sophie Monk and The Living Room with Jamie Drury.

They’ve combined their yoga teaching expertise with their love of dogs and are excited to be presenting DOGA at the DOG LOVERS SHOW in Melbourne 3, 4 & 5 May on the RACV Pet Insurance Stage every day at 3.30pm; and at the DOG LOVERS SHOW Sydney on 3 and 4 August 2019.

Check out the HOTTEST Workout at The Dog Lovers Show… DOGA – Yoga with your Dog!


Come and watch the Dogs do Tree Pose, Downward Dog and Boat Pose, it’s unique and it’s fun.
You’ve seen it on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve watched it on television “The Living Room” and
“The Bachelorette” with Sophie Monk, here’s your chance to see it in action – Doga.  It’s yoga with your dog.

Rancan Sisters, twins, Adele and Lisa Rancan have combined their expertise over many years in health and fitness with their yoga teaching and love of Dogs and have designed a Doga class with poses to limber and stretch with your Dog.

Dogs are natural Doga experts or Dogis, they already have the ability to be present in the moment, love unconditionally and have patience. We can learn from the way they effortlessly move into Doga poses. If you’ve ever observed a dog waking up for a nap, they stretch and lengthen into Downward Facing Dog before they move around. The strong connection between owner and Dog is enhanced with DOGA.

If you’re a regular at Yoga or new to Yoga, the stretches and poses will be easy to do, have fun while you workout with your Dog. Big Dogs, small Dogs, medium-sized Dogs can all participate in a Doga class. There will be constant connection with your Dog regardless of size. Smaller Dogs will be held with poses and larger Dogs will have hand contact. Dogs are intuitive and respond to their owner’s level of stress. The calm, breathing of yoga will transfer to your Dog and result in a calm, de-stressed pet.

Come and watch a Rancan Sisters DOGA class in action at the Dog Lovers Show. You will be amazed how what you thought could be chaos is actually a group of calm, relaxed Dogs enjoying their Doga with their owner.