A place that steals your heart

by Sunday, February 17, 2019

Interview with Sam Clark: “[My favourite destination is] Africa, a spiritual land, full of culture, soul and incredible wildlife experiences like no other.

Having travelled to Africa, in 2009, to fulfil a lifelong dream, and returned several times since, I have tears in my eyes when I arrive, and when I leave.

It is hard for me to pick an exact location but East Africa so far is my go-to African destination, and mainly to the countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The Serengeti in Tanzania, Maasai Mara in Kenya, and the life-changing gorilla encounters of Uganda.

Africa; she is a place like no other. A place that steals your heart and certainly stole mine.

Sam Clark.

Her top tip for visiting Africa

My advice when travelling here would be to smile and be friendly. As they say, a smile speaks a thousand words. Respect different cultures and be prepared to adapt and embrace a different way of life. The African people are beautiful. As a female and often a solo traveler, I have not had any real trouble.


Something she always packs

As a wildlife photographer, I always pack my cameras and a few lenses. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or novice, the camera you have on you is the best one to have.

A future bucket list destination

It was hard to narrow this one down. You should see my bucket list! One of the many on my list is Antarctica. A frozen land of vast mountain landscapes, icebergs, wildlife, solitude, endless adventures and mystery… my kind of place.

Another would be the ancient lands of Egypt. Nothing comes close to standing in awe before a structure thousands of years old; structures encrusted in inscriptions from civilizations long lost.

A travel disaster

I can’t say I have had any real travel disasters, though I do seem to attract a lot of attention going through security with my camera gear. Be polite, cooperate and just keep smiling. (but not in a weird way that makes you look like you are hiding something ;))”

About Sam Clark

Sam Clark has been a professional photographer for over 20 years, and has sold her images all over the world. She has won numerous national and international competitions and has been widely published, including in the recent “Remembering Great Apes” book. Sam is quickly developing a global reputation for her work as an ‘animal communicator’, with both domestic and wild animals, and is currently writing a book on her work. She also runs photographic and healing safaris in Africa and Borneo and is a conservation advocate. Sam is from New Zealand, is a mother of two (plus some furries), and currently lives in Australia.

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