A visual delight

by Saturday, May 18, 2019

Melbourne artist Arite Kannavos shares her favourite galleries to visit in Paris, and explains why Copenhagen is at the top of her bucket list!

What’s your favourite travel destination?

Definitely Paris! I just love to walk around and soak the atmosphere in. I get inspired by all of the little side streets and the well-curated shops that always seem to take you by surprise. I have visited about six times both for work and leisure and it never gets old. The rooftop views, the divine food, the retail stores, gazing at the Eiffel tower, particularly when it is all lit up at night, is always such a visual delight!

“Culture cultivator “ detail …. exhibited at her show SCREEN GLOW.

What’s your top tip for holidaying in Paris?

Stay in Saint Germain, it has such a great vibe and the selection of cafes is plentiful. For contemporary art, visit Centre Pompidou… and don’t forget to take a breather in the Tuileries Garden after you spend hours in the Louvre.  One of the best rooftop views of the city is at the cafe on top of the Printemps building currently called Perruche. Don’t forget to visit the amazing store Merci for an eclectic mix of fashion and homewares and the extravagant Le Bon Marche department store

Paris. Image: Léonard Cotte on Unsplash.

What’s something you always pack when you travel?

I always pack lavender oil, as it’s great to use on the plane if you can’t sleep, and to freshen up a hotel room! Also, a notebook to draw and take notes is always a great way to keep the travel memories alive! 

What’s on your travel bucket list?

I’m dreaming about visiting Copenhagen! It looks visually divine… the Danish art and design aesthetic is always very inspiring and fresh and I’d imagine the architecture would be very storybook like. 

Can you share a travel disaster – or near-miss – which stays in your mind?

I landed in Shanghai for a meeting and was refused entry as my Chinese visa had expired! After much negotiation, I was allowed to stay for 24 hours as opposed to getting back on the plane, so I was very lucky indeed!

About Arite Kannavos

Arite lives in Melbourne with her husband and two young children. She is a practising contemporary artist and textile designer who has been exhibiting for 16 years. She has had more than eight solo exhibitions of her paintings and numerous group shows throughout Melbourne. Her work has been acquired in private collections throughout Australia, the US and Asia. Follow her on Instagram: arite_k