Around the world with 8 takeaways

by Saturday, September 18, 2021

From dreamy Italian pastas and truffles, to Luxor’s best salad, and the traditional Ika Mata of the Cook Islands, Catriona Rowntree has spent her career travelling the world and tasting exotic, and wonderful, foods.

While we can’t travel the world, we can continue to enjoy the tastes of travel at home. Whether it’s cooking up recipes from places you have visited around the world – and we’ve provided some inspiration below – or ordering in takeaway or a special restaurant meal through services like Providoor, the world (of food) is your oyster!

Memorable meals from a world of travel

Here’s a great dish to master before summer. Ika mata is a traditional dish from the beautiful Cook Islands made from raw fish, usually tuna, marinated in lime (or lemon) and coconut milk. It’s garnished with raw vegetables, making it a very fresh and pleasant dish to enjoy during the summer.

Or perhaps pastries are more your style. Checkout these Chilean pastries Catriona sampled on her last trip with Getaway and Scenic.

Did someone say salad? Here’s a simple but flavoursome salad from Egypt that Catriona says is the BEST Luxor salad. You can create a similar version at home with this recipe.

High tea is a great way to catch up with friends like the lovely Livinia Nixon. While we may not be able to spend the afternoon having high tea at the Ritz in London or the Plaza Hotel in NYC, we are lucky to have some wonderful high tea options here in Australia. And of course you can create your own high tea at home!

Bring the tastes of travel home

If you don’t fancy cooking, we’ve compiled a list of 8 ideas for eating your way around the world in Melbourne and Sydney, without getting a pan dirty. And when these restaurants open again, you can enjoy a taste of travel while dining out.



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