Back to Bali – with kids (Part II): Southside beach clubs

by Monday, August 6, 2018

Until she revisited Bali with her husband and two kids, Guest Traveller Andrea Swain loved it as a place for getting away for a parents’ retreat to warm up during the winter months. In Part II of her story about this year’s trip, this Melbourne-based model and mum shares what she came across on the south side of the island. Suffice to say, give or take an aggressive posse of monkeys with a taste for designer shades, she liked what she found… 

Following on from Seminyak and Ubud, from where we ventured out to see the waterparks and monkeys, our next stop was rather secluded (and a bit more to my liking): Jimbaran. I wanted to base myself an easy ride from all my favourite places on the south side of the island.

Milo’s Home

A very lucky choice of accomodation was Milo’s Home, in Jimbaran. It is gorgeous little place with stunning views, amazing gardens and a nice yet tiny beach, just bellow the cliff. I found the bungalows very comfortable, private and lovely. The restaurant and breakfast was very basic, but okay. HOWEVER, little did I know, Milo’s Home is wedged between LaJoya BiuBiu and La Cabane, both stunning places to stay as well.

La Joya II Biu-Biu.

La Joya Li Biu-Biu and La Cabane took my breath away and what worked well was that all three hotels welcomed guests from the other hotels to hang out at beside their pool – just as long as they don’t BYO.

La Joya II Biu-Biu.

La Joya has it all: Comfort, class, views, morning yoga, spa, jacuzzi, infinity pool… You can never get bored of the sunsets from that place. Having such a great position, and restaurant named The Sea View, it naturally attracts Insta shot-hunters and the place can get busy at times.

La Cabane.

La Cabane has stolen my heart and I’m counting days till the next time I can visit. It was beautiful, private, magical, friendly, and had the best food I had through the whole trip! The villas are to die for, and I’m dreaming of my next stay since I left them!

La Cabane.

Having the tiny beach below the cliff was cute, but not the safest for swimming with kids. As you walk down the steps to the beach, you can turn right up the hill, and an easy 15 minute walk through cow paddocks will take you to Bangalan Beach. It is a heaven for surfing, a family beach day, nice cafes (cash only), and breathtaking sunsets… and to add to that, some bride-watching! The cliff over Balangan beach is famous for bridal photography and every afternoon, it fills with hundreds of brides and grooms taking their wedding shots. I found it very entertaining 🙂

Mount Agung.

The skies were so clear, we could see Mount Agung coughing ashes. It was a surreal experience. It erupted again that very night, but knowing it’s a good 90-kilometres from our location, we felt safe.

Sunday’s Beach Club.

Sunday’s Beach Club

Another great day trip was to Sunday’s Beach Club, in Uluwatu. This place is terrific for a fancy day at the beach. It’s good to call ahead to book your beanbags and umbrella but, if you don’t, you would get one through the day. The staff are very kind and accommodating.

Sunday’s Beach Club.

There are great afternoon activities such as surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, and snorkelling. There’s a lovely walk to Karma Kandara Beach. You might see some monkeys if you look up to the hills. Karma Kandara, next door, often has movie nights on the beach, or a bonfire. The accommodation at Karma Kandara is absolutely amazing. Villas are super specious, with private pool, and a great restaurant with stunning views. We stayed there a couple of years ago.

Sunday’s Beach Club.

I had my heart set on visiting the Uluwatu Temple on this trip. The views make it an unmissable experience however, spiritually, I don’t think we came at the right time as there was no access inside the Temple. It’s worth going there at any point or time of the day, if you can. The word is to go early, as the sunset attracts so many people for photo opportunities. Regardless of time, you must be very aware of the monkeys. They are so aggressive! The moment they see someone with sunglasses, a hat or a drink, they will stalk them till they have the opportunity to jump on their back and steal what they can. Walking around for one hour, we saw around 30 victims!

Uluwatu Temple.

On the way from Uluwatu Temple is the stunning Padang Padang Beach. I wish we had more time to stop by, but it’s great to leave something special for next time.