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by Thursday, May 31, 2018
“Maggie’s Kitchen”, by Caroline Beecham. 
I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline at the Melbourne Cup in 2017 and immediately bought her book, which I devoured on a trip to Thailand later that week! I love books which provide unique perspectives on different eras of history – and this book about war ministry food kitchens didn’t disappoint!
“The Postcard”, by Leah Fleming. 
I read this book while travelling through Scotland at Christmas time and was immediately transported to life in Scotland in the 1940s.
“Beyond Bawa”, by David Robson. 
I borrowed my copy of this book from my friends Brent and Christopher (shh don’t tell them I’ve got it). They have created their very own Bawa-style villa in Sri Lanka and thankfully had a destination birthday recently giving me an excuse to visit and fall in love with this divine country. I also had the opportunity to visit Bawa’s country estate, Lunuganga, when I was last there – stunning!
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