Beloved Books, curated by Vanessa O’Hanlon, Channel 9 Southern NSW Newsreader & Guest Editor!

by Thursday, May 3, 2018

It’s always tough culling my list of beloved books down to three but I guess these three books, not in this order, have inspired and opened my mind to destinations beyond my belief.


“Holy Cow” by Sarah MacDonald

I admit to reading this after a trip to India. If only I had read it before.  I was in fits of laughter as it reminded me of my whirlwind experience in the chaos that is India.


“Marching Powder”by Rusty Young

I was blown away by the dangers the author put himself in while spending four months inside Bolivia’s most notorious prison.  I had shivers down my spine when I finally found myself standing out the front of it.


“Shopping for Buddhas” by Jeff Greenwald

Ok, at the time, I was on my first-ever overseas adventure, in Egypt.  A friend lent it to me and I thought, wow, there is an amazing world out there and I want to discover it.  I have to admit, I have since re-read it and he was very self-indulgent.  But it spiked my wanderlust.