Brisbane Ranges National Park, Victoria

by Monday, November 20, 2017

Prior to having children, Guest Traveller Carole Searle, from Armstrong Creek in Victoria, loved camping in the Otways, but ‘AC’ (After Children), there was more mum taxi-ing and less camping (mostly due to the effort involved both before and after camping seemed to exceed the actual length of the camping trip!).  So, ‘camping’ disappeared from her vocabulary into the long line of other commitments that seem to go hand in hand with the pleasures of raising kids. When Carole entered the Journeys To Come competition to win a weekend of luxury camping or ‘glamping’ with Western Glamping Co., she said: “Oh gosh I’d love to surprise my hubby with this one please!  It sounds like so much fun…hope I’m in with a chance!”. She certainly was! Carole won and this is her story about her glamping trip… 

Life is a collection of special moments… and this Luxury Glamping Package definitely created some special moments!

Let me rewind a bit… imagine my absolute delight at winning a Luxury Glamping Package thanks to the Catriona’s Journeys To Come and the lovely folks from Western Glamping Co. (a huge thank you to Ashleigh & Taison) who kindly supplied and set up the most exquisite tent as a surprise for my hubby and I to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.

The idea of glamping has always intrigued me as my previous fails at camping usually involved a musty tent, thin sleeping bag and an air mattress that inevitably deflated during the night! As a first time ‘Glamper’, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was sincerely hoping that it would be an improvement on my previous camping attempts!

Let me assure you without doubt, glamping is everything it’s cracked up to be and more!  Glamping totally obliterates the idea of waking up in a squishy tent lying on the ground like a cold, twisted pretzel tangled in a sleeping bag, and replaces it with sheer elegance and creature comforts that you would expect in a hotel!

Firstly, the sheer bliss of driving to our camp site in the Brisbane Ranges to see the tent and furniture already set up for our arrival was an absolute pleasure!  (No tent catastrophes here like, “I thought you packed the tent pegs?!”).  Instead, our very inviting, spacious bell-tent welcomed us with crisp white bed linen, fluffy pillows, cushions, tables, rugs, lanterns, candles, outdoor furniture, fairy lights and a gloriously comfortable ‘real bed’ that would make Goldilocks green with envy!  Now that’s the kind of glam camping I can get excited about!

Like most couples, we’re pretty busy and don’t always manage to squeeze in time just for us, so this luxury glamping package was the perfect weekend escape to ‘unplug’ from the world for a few days together.  We had so much fun hiking and admiring the gorgeous spring flora and fauna, spotting wild life, and listening to kookaburras sing, lazing around; reading and eating damper freshly cooked in the fire pit with a cup of billy tea in hand and toasted marshmallows (FYI: calories don’t count on a glamping trip!).  It was a great way to unwind and relax together.

As our weekend getaway slowly came to a close, we knew the best was yet to come.  Whilst campers scrambled to start the tedious task of packing up, some wrestling with stubborn tent pegs, others hopelessly trying to wrangle unruly tents into their cars… but not us!  We simply zipped up the tent door and drove away leaving the glamping team to do all the hard work of packing up everything, whilst we began our leisurely drive home. We even had time to do some exploring in the old goldmining ghost town of Steiglitz, arriving home later in the day with no tent or camping guff to unload!  Sweet!!  Yup… I think I’m hooked on glamping!

Undeniably, we had a fabulous weekend away!  It was an amazing way to really enjoy quality time together and made us both feel uber-special in the process!  Needless to say, my hubby and I are enthusiastic converts to ‘Luxury Glamping’ and would really encourage anyone to give it a go!

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