Cameron Bloom

by Thursday, March 31, 2016

I went to Kindy with this cheeky devil, Cameron Bloom, actually he was in my sisters year but we’ve remained friends. Over the years, I’ve watched him blossom into a world famous photographer, marry the love of his life Sam, create three equally cheeky sons of his own and face adversity front-on with extraordinary courage.

Cameron’s beloved wife Sam nearly died when she accidentally fell from a roof In Thailand. Thankfully she lived, yet is now a paraplegic. Every day is cherished. Cameron just launched a book, Penguin Bloom, which is illustrated through a mass of photos Cameron took after a magpie joined his family and somehow saved them. Cameron, his family and I share a love a travel, so I thought this was a good time for him to share his thoughts with us.

1. Tell us about your new book?

Our new Book is called Penguin Bloom the odd little bird who saved a family and is written by New York Times best selling author, Bradley Trevor Greive. It’s essentially a love story that begins with my wife Sam, who suffered a tragic fall and broke her back on a holiday with our three boys. She was left a paraplegic, unable to move or feel below her chest.

Sam spent seven months in hospital and spiralled into a dark depression after coming home. But then one day a baby magpie fell from a tree and was rescued by Noah. The boys named her Penguin and she lived as a wild bird with us for two years. Penguin’s relationship with Sam was incredibly close – having Penguin helped us all recover from such a tragic loss. I documented the whole journey with images and video on a popular Instagram account named @penguinthemagpie.

2. What’s the greatest lesson your feathered friend has taught you?

That to love and care for someone else helps you become a better person.

3. You’ve three beautiful sons, where has been your most memorable holiday?

Italy. When we went to watch Sam Kayak for Australia in the paracanoe sprint world championship. We traveled from Rome to the Cinque Terre, up to Genoa the across to Milan before coming back to Rome.

4. Any tips on traveling with three rowdy cherubs?

We use Airbnb. Get off the beaten track a little – we love jumping on busses / trains and all forms of public transport. Eat where locals go to eat and make time for some quiet time too. Our kids love water, so the heat in Rome mid-summer was pretty challenging. Lots of gelato helped!

5. I have to ask, any tips for taking great pics from a smartphone?

So many people shoot pictures with a dirty lens! The most important tip – always clean your lens! Or see that it doesn’t have a huge finger print on it. A simple t-shirt will work fine. On the iPhone, touch where you want to focus and compose with thought – don’t just put the subject right in the middle.






All photos © Cameron Bloom Photography