Capturing moments of travel in Europe, with artist Kerry Armstrong

by Monday, May 28, 2018

This week’s Guest Traveller is Kerry Armstrong, a Melbourne-based Abstract Expressionist artist. Kerry says her work “allows me to capture and document on linen intersecting moments of raw emotional honesty.  The autobiographical glimpses of my life I paint ultimately result in a deeper connection with regards to subconscious, personal matter. … The voice in my art (for me) speaks a million words that I couldn’t possibly articulate verbally and I hold firmly onto the state of connection felt in resolution.” Let’s join Kerry as she journeys from Venice to Berlin to Austria, and to her last stop, in Greece…

Kerry Armstrong.

Cruising the amazing David Hockney Exhibition (above) at the Venice Biennale – incredible!

In Venice, (above) beginning to show signs of camera weariness…
Stunning detail in Douges Palace, Venice, Italy. (above)
Berlin in Germany (above) is a stunning, arty city. Best gelato in the trip by far, as well!
Loved Austria! (above) The train trip in was so gorgeous 🙂 We plan (in our dreams) to go back skiing soon.

Last stop: Beautiful Greece! (above)

Finally, a swimming pool and a book. My kind of holiday or, at very least, the relaxing end of an action-packed, whistle-stop tour of Europe!