Catriona’s kids discover Adelaide

by Saturday, October 19, 2019

I wanted to share my Top 10 Tips for a family adventure in Adelaide; a city I love, that I dearly wanted my children to have happy memories of.

I’ve been travelling to Adelaide for work for years, and I always loved it, but had never taken my boys. This had to go well! So, I asked friends, sampled all sorts of different activities and here’s a a few ideas that may put a smile on our little ones dials.

Top ten things to do in Adelaide with kids

  1. Tree Climb – If you only do one thing with your children in Adelaide, treat them to this. Only 20 minutes from the airport, in the heart of the city, if my boys could have sampled this ‘aerial adventure park’ every day they would have. I had no nails left after seeing my boys do the high ropes course through the trees, but boy did they have fun.

  2. West Beach Surf Club – After taking my boys to the Mega Adventure Sky Challenge adventure park, we wandered along the beach to this food hut. The beaches of Henley (the jetty is great for a play) and Glenelg are famous but packed and I had difficulty parking (don’t park on a yellow line, I got a ticket). So for a quieter but equally lovely meal, maybe a dip in the ocean pre or post, try this sandy spot.
  3. Grazing on Gouger Street – A Friday night, family ritual for my local friend is to sample the great restaurants on this street. It can be overwhelming with so many to choose from, but a crowd pleaser is Chinatown Cafe, in Monte Place, just around the corner from this magical ice-creamery called 48 Flavours.
  4. The South Australian Museum – The most interesting time waster money can buy, just wander and learn. A little tip though, just off to the side of the museum entrance, is a really great craft spot, they rotate projects, from dinosaur week to rockets, it’s always creative.
  5. The Jam Factory – This is art, NOT food and if you have children, possibly older ones, who have a creative bent, I’d recommend this not-for-profit studio on Morphett Street. You can not only buy exquisite hand blown glass, but see a demo of the process while you’re there. I always stop by here when in Adelaide for gifts and inspo.
  6. AFL MAX and Pumpride – Great outlets for children needing to burn off energy. Super cool, lots of fun and always good coffee for the parents. Thank heavens for small mercies.
  7. Geocache – A fun way to learn about the city, from an app on your phone, guiding you via GPS to all sorts of interesting places. You can use this in many different locations but Adelaide is not only where I first discovered this APP, but relished the city just that little bit more.
  8. Swim with the Dolphins at Glenelg – This can be a hit or miss experience judging by Trip Advisor as you can never trust what Mother Nature will throw at you, but I had a ball taking part in this swim with ‘wild dolphins’. The company I went with many moons ago no longer exists, but I know others have popped up, as have those lil’ dolphins, but if you have time, this can be a genuinely rewarding experience not too far from the city.

  9. Bounce Inc – I was tired, my children were wired, there was coffee for me and massive trampolines for them. If you can relate, head on down to this indoor facility (hello wet day activity) that my children also said had a great ‘wall climb’ experience. They love Ninja Warrior and I love caffeine, we left happy.
  10. Adelaide Central Markets – Make food fun for little ones. We wandered down here after going to Bounce. We sat at a shared table and enjoyed a fresh healthy meal, as well as cooking demos and entertainment. Adelaide has an abundance of brilliant markets, but this one is central, has easy access parking and is an easy wander for children.
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