Catriona’s Travel Tips – Your Travel Questions Answered #15!

by Thursday, July 26, 2018

Question from Karen:

Hi Catriona,

Just wondering if you have any tips on travelling with a toddler to Bali to help them avoid Bali belly – apart from the obvious ‘no ice’, bottled water, etc.?



Catriona’s Answer:

Hello Karen,
You’re in for a great time. Bali can be beautiful for bubs and I’ve some top tips to help you through:
1. Bali Baby is a great online site where you can hire all you need once you’ve reached your destination.
2. Don’t take a stroller as the footpaths can be tricky to navigate and you don’t want to accidentally stroll over an ‘offering’ on the ground. Bad karma babe.
3. Before you leave, ask your local Doctor about vaccinations.
4. Take from home any baby formula or tinned goods as it can be quite expensive once there. Again will help you here.
5. Upon arrival, a great service to get you through the airport quickly is They can help with visas which are $25. Organise this before leaving home.
6. Pack a mosquito net for putting over the cot at night-time.
7. I’d stick to bottled water and maybe take some hydration fluid, available from your local chemist.
8. Bali can be incredibly humid, so you’ll want to check your accommodation has air conditioning and maybe plan your naps (both of you? Why not!) for the middle of the day. Always wash your hands.
9. Pack hats, sunscreen, and a baby sheet (possibly wet it) to cover a stroller, if you take one.
10. Bali taxis don’t offer baby seats and some don’t have seatbelts. You may be fine cradling your child, as the traffic is really slow, but you may want to ask your accommodation about a booster seat to borrow; or hire one from Bali Baby.
Enjoy ?