Catriona’s Travel Tips – Your Travel Questions Answered #18!

by Thursday, August 16, 2018

Question from Vicky:

Hi Catriona,

I’m watching your “Getaway” trip to Egpyt and Jordan on 9 now and plan to watch it again with my husband tonight.

We have just booked a 13 day tour of Egypt in March to celebrate my husband’s 65th birthday.

I have to tell you I am loving your travel wardrobe on these episodes, gorgeous as usual, and would appreciate not only some advice on where you got some of your dresses from but some hints and tips on what to pack.

We are at the stage where our children are grown and are starting to travel more and more.

I need to learn the art of packing lightly as I tend to take far too much away with us. My first step is to buy smaller suitcases!

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Happy travels,


Catriona’s Answer:

Dear Vicky,

Firstly, awesome choice. Egypt is just above and beyond. And, secondly, thank you. You know I love filming my stories for you.
Right, let’s talk wardrobe.
Here are my ‘Top Tips for What to Wear in Egypt’:
1. Don’t look like an extra from ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark”. Seriously, how many pockets does one person need?
2. No cleavage, no cleavage, no cleavage. I’d probably advise the same thing for Sydney as I err on the ‘dress with respect’ side, but my point is that you’ll feel better being slightly covered up.
3. Take a light scarf or pashmina. I like bright colours, as you stand out in photos, but you’ll need this for the plane, at night, and to wear (if you so choose) into a place of worship.
4. Men should wear long pants in a place of worship.
5. Men and women may prefer to wear slip-on shoes (that are easy to get on and off) because, at mosques,  you will leave your shoes at the door so as not to dirty the carpet.
6. Pack comfy shoes as you’ll do a lot of walking.
7. I loved buying dresses from Spell & The Gypsy Collective, also Megan Park was great. I found everything online and they felt feminine, practical, didn’t crush, covered, great colours for pics and the locals were sure I’d bought them at the local souk.
8. Speaking of which, anything you may have forgotten is easily accessed there, at the souks, where I bought every scarf known to man.
9. I followed Queen Rania on Instagram as my style inspiration. Oh boy, this woman is just elegance personified and an amazing role model for the Middle East.
10. No one won any prizes for having a small bag. Don’t stress my love about the size of your suitcase as long as you can carry it yourself and have room for shopping… go for it!
Enjoy every moment and please share with us your travel tales as one of our ‘Guest Travellers’, on your return.
Bon voyage! ?