Catriona’s Travel Tips – Your Travel Questions Answered #19!

by Friday, August 24, 2018


Hi Catriona,

Do you have any tips to share for cruising Canada and Alaska?


Catriona’s Answer:

Dear Traveller,

Here are my Top 10 Tips for travelling to this gorgeous part of the world:

  1. Dress like an onion. Layers are best.
  2. Pack a light, wet-weather jacket. You don’t need a heavy-duty one in the summer months.
  3. Follow the website ‘northern lights tracker’ to see if you’ll be in ‘light luck’.
  4. ‘The season’ is officially May to October. I’m loving August, but may not see the Northern Lights which really kick into gear in September.
  5. This is a multi-generational cruise, but not really appropriate for small children. Very wheelchair accessible and great for the elderly, too. Oh, there are a lot of single, handsome sailors in these sea ports. Just saying.
  6. The Yukon is a highlight, so plan plenty of side trips to your cruise if you’re the adventurous type. ‘Who What Where’ are a great company in Whitehorse and I loved the preserve there for ticking my animal checklist.
  7. Weather is always unpredictable. You do have days at sea so bring some Travelcalm or sip ginger beer if you’re prone to motion sickness. I am, but I’ve been fine.
  8. Don’t miss the Libby Ridell speech. If anything it’s a masterclass on public speaking.
  9. It doesn’t make a difference which side of the ship you are on and you won’t fee cheated if you don’t have a balcony. There are plenty of viewing spots and may sleep better in a central, inner cabin where the light nights won’t bother you.
  10. Pack an eye mask, ear plugs, and woollen socks to help you sleep well. It’s light at night!
Bon voyage! ?