Catriona’s Travel Tips – Your Travel Questions Answered #20!

by Thursday, September 6, 2018


Hi Catriona,

Do you have any recommendations for coping with travel anxiety? I get really stressed about taking family holidays overseas. I am worried about both the flight and the place we are travelling to. We leave quite soon so I hope you can help! 
Thanks, Carol 

Catriona’s Answer:

Dear Carol,

Firstly, I’m very respectful to anyone with anxiety as I know it’s incredibly personal, can be debilitating and I find it borders on offensive when someone replies with ‘it’s mind over matter’.

Personally, I am happy to jump out of a plane, but jump 10 feet when I see a mouse. I’m highly allergic to cats, but have four at the farm, to keep the mice at bay – all of which my Husband finds ludicrous. I fly more than I drive, so I used to be flippant about those with a fear of flying, replying ‘do you know the statistics? Do you know driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do?’.

But my mind was changed when a dear colleague and I were offered the chance to walk inside a pyramid years ago, something you can no longer do due to crowds, but when my big burly friend went onto a cold sweat over the thought of claustrophobia, I could see clearly how stressful anxiety could be.

So, I’ve a few tips when in these situations…

Anxiety be gone! Catriona’s Top Tips for Conquering Your Fears…

  1. Have you tried Back Flower Remedy? This is a natural, calming essence that I put into my water and/or a few drops under my tongue to ease anxiety.
  2. Stick to camomile tea and avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  3. When flying overseas, exercise highly on the day and have an early night before your flight.
  4. A few days before leaving, look up on your phone –  or whatever works for you – a World Clock and start to acclimatise to the destination you’re flying to.
  5. On the plane, do gentle exercises; just roll your legs a bit, nothing too much, but keep the body moving.
  6. Have an eye mask, earplugs, loose, comfy pants and wool socks for the flight.
  7. You may want to spray some lavender water on the mask, or your pillow.
  8. I take an over the counter sleeping tablet for the plane and for the first three nights of my trip. Never more than three nights. You may want to speak to your local Doctor and see if you need something stronger like a Valium.
  9. Hate to add this, but statistically you do have nothing to be concerned about. Deep breaths, relax, you’ll be fine and imagine me sitting next to you keeping you calm. All will be well.
  10. Practice makes perfect truly helps in this case. I, like most people, get nervous with public speaking, but I know each time I do it, it will become easier. So, rather than shy away out of fear, I step up and give it a whirl. Now it’s how I make my living and I feel great, post chat. As will you, post event. I always say to my children, you don’t have to be the best, just try your best. There is no pressure, just try, in the end that’s what matters.
Bon voyage! ?