Catriona’s Travel Tips – Your Travel Questions Answered #21!

by Thursday, September 13, 2018


Hi Catriona,

I am travelling to southern Vietnam very soon and it’s going to be really hot and humid there and I don’t know what to pack. Can I please ask your advice? I know you’ve been to Vietnam.

Catriona’s Answer:

Dear Jane,

Of course, my love. I’m delighted to assist.

Catriona’s Top 10 Tips for Dressing for Vietnam…

1. Dress like the locals: light, long, and easy breezy. Silk works really well, but cotton is a hindrance.
2. No jeans, no closed-toe shoes, and no socks.
3. Cargo shorts for men (lots of pockets) and one pair of long pants.
4. Flip flops, pretty sandals, flat shoes. No heels.
5. Dress respectfully: below the knee always helps, and take one wrap or scarf for night-time and visiting temples.
6. Swimmers, obvs!
7. Don’t hold your phone out and don’t take a laptop.
8. Electrolytes, for energy.
9. Don’t wear black, it draws the heat. Revel in colour.
10. Pack half a suitcase. You can buy so much there or have it made. Definitely have a silk ‘Ao dai’ made. You’ll wear it for dinners there and I wear mine to weddings back home. Love my traditional Vietnamese clothing so much and always receive compliments when I wear it… and it’s practical!
Bon voyage! ?