Catriona’s Travel Tips – Your Travel Questions Answered #24!

by Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Hi Catriona,

Can you please tell me how you manage to look good after those long-haul flights?!



Dearest Nadia,

I quickly grabbed this photo this morning (above) for you, as I was bolting out the door. You have confirmed what I have always suspected: I’m not the only one who, against all our best intentions, suffers from tiredness but has to put on a Game Face to present to the world. Since working with Clarins, I’ve discovered a few little tricks to enhance what the day has granted us and kick start a glow, and I’m pleased to share these with you.

First, however, I just have to say that I know all of us aim to sleep well but sometimes life throws us unavoidable curveballs. Last night at the farm, the power went down (I think my washing machine is the culprit). The night before, my son woke me at 4am after having a nightmare. And the morning before that my Husband got up at dawn to go snapper fishing. Curse the lot of them! Ok, I say that with love, but you know what I mean. I had my camomile tea, I didn’t stay up late, I was on track. But I still had to get up, go to work in the morning and, in my case, stand up in front of a whole bunch of people and host an event.

Secondly, working with Clarins came about, I think, from the most lovely of reasons. I’d mentioned in a magazine article that after asking a Flight Attendant (I always quiz them for tips) “What do you all use on your skin and where do I go for a good coffee when I land?”. Double Serum is what most of the team I spoke to swore by and we don’t have enough time to chat about coffee hot spots… We can do that another day. 

But this morning I needed help, big time, and here are a few products I’ve grown to love, that I use just before landing, when jet lagged, or when life wakes me at dawn.

My arsenal of weapons against tired-looking skin

1. Double Serum is great, but you don’t know how good it is until you stop using it, you miss the glow. I also have been told by the experts at Clarins (hi Helen!) to mix a dollop into your foundation for that extra kinda glisten.

2. Beauty Flash is my saviour but sometimes I’ll mix a drop of this Radiance Plus Golden Glow to give me just a touch of colour. This doesn’t look fake like others do. I like this one, it’s subtle.

3. Primers rock, but SOS range addresses certain concerns, like ‘signs of fatigue’. Hello, who’s been in my bathroom? I put a little of this on my décolletage, too, if it’s showing. “Why not extend the glow?”, I say.

4. I’m not very good at wearing lippy, as I’m a bit of a talker and tend to either chew it off or somehow get it on my chin. Why does this happen? Anyway, a lip tint keeps a bit of colour on all day and I just enhance it with a gloss or balm. I’m all for faking a natural look. Highlighting and contouring makes me look like an inept drag queen and I know too many awesome drag queens to want to replicate that. 

So, there you have it. A few tricks. Maybe one will work for you and, if not, I pray we all sleep well tonight. Bless.