Catriona Rowntree shares her favourite Valentine’s Day getaways

by Saturday, February 2, 2019

Hi Catriona,

Where do you recommend for romance? Valentine’s Day is coming up and I need your tips so I can take my wife away!



Dear Rob,

I’m so glad you asked!
Here are my Top Five Valentine’s Day Getaways (and if you don’t find action here you just aint trying!)…

1. The Cook Islands.

If you want privacy, if you don’t want a holiday that breaks the bank, if you do love the South Pacific life? Kia orana Aitutaki, Cook Islands. This is where I chose to go on my Honeymoon. Now go crack that coconut and make me proud.
2. Longitude 131°, Uluru – Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia. 
Did someone say, “Adults Only, glamping under the stars and waking up to an absolutely massive… rock!”? This is where Prince William and his love Kate chose to stay during their time off in Australia. The Royal Couple left George in Canberra with a nanny. Kate adored the chocolates left on the pillow so much she asked for more and I do believe they gave birth approximately nine months later. Tah dah.
3. Knight Inlet Lodge, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
Ok, this is random, but you have to trust me. It’s strangely romantic. A floating, grizzly bear resort and wilderness lodge. You are spellbound through the day watching grizzlies, up close and personal, in the wild. You also have the option to see whales-a-plenty. All that fresh air seems to put a spring in the guests’ steps. I was amazed by how many guests were honeymooners when I visited. No doubt they were doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel.
4. Villa Howden, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 
Ooh… this place is totally set up for romantics, with a view straight out to North West Bay, a candle lit restaurant (perfect for popping the question), and 10 truly refined luxury suites. So Frenchy, so chic! Just say, “Oui oui”.

5. Hire a Halvorsen on the Hawkesbury, NSW, Australia. 

In the words of John Williamson, “Just layin’ with m’lady, on a houseboat in the sun, can’t hear the city humming and I’m feeling’ good. With a belly full of oysters and some white wine on the ice, I’ve got that laid out loving feeling, its really nice”. This is super dooper romantic my little love birds. Just get lost on the water, in order to find yourself some sweet love.

Please note: All the above locations are equally wonderful when enjoyed solo and/or with friends.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your wife, Rob!

Catriona x

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