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by Thursday, February 27, 2020

‘Have pet, love travel’ can be a bit of a conundrum for many. Or maybe you’re moving and need to find out the best way to transport your pooch? Perhaps you’d like your four-legged friend to join you on a journey to come? Who do you trust with your beloved friend and what are the requirements involved with animal travel? I reached out to Dennis of Claws & Paws Door 2 Door to seek some answers in this week’s special edition of “Ask the Concierge”.

Dennis Buhagiar has been involved in pet transport for ten years and has been lucky enough to meet others in the industry who he works alongside transporting pets both interstate and internationally. He also works with many kennels and catteries, should you need a recommendation.

Can you arrange pickup and delivery of my pet to and from airports in Australia?

Yes. In conjunction with my pet transport partners operating interstate we can take care of any interstate or international transfers. Additionally, we can also provide road transport to airports and, at the other end, to your home or destination of choice. We cater for any local, intrastate, interstate or international pet travel.

What should I do before my pet is picked up ?

Airlines are insistent that if a pet soils its crate before departure it does not fly until the owner or representative returns to the airport and cleans the crate and replaces the bedding or newspaper acting as an absorbent. This obviously is frustrating, time consuming and costly and could result in having to arrange another flight.

Never feed you pet in the morning if it is flying out that same day. It’s also wise to only feed your pet a small amount the night before. Don’t worry your furry friend will not starve but will be looking forward to his/her next meal.

To ensure no accidents happen, it’s a good idea to take your pet to the toilet before you drop off or have your pet collected for transportation.

Do I need a special crate?

An airline-approved crate is paramount. The crate comes in two halves and needs to be of screw and bolt assembly (NOT CLIPS). You can hire a crate that suits your pets height and size or alternatively purchase your own. The crate must have a small water container attached securely to the inside of the crate’s door.

Is my pet fit to fly?

The minimum age for travel is eight (8) weeks old. Also, you need to double check with the airline on a regular basis as new regulations have been implemented and they vary from airline to airline.

Can I attach food, leads or documents to the crate or place them inside the crate?

It’s ok to attach a lead to the crate, however, airlines will not allow bulky packs of dry food or cans of food to be attached or placed inside the crate. It is wise NOT to attach any documents such as breeders documentation, quarantine papers etc, as they may get lost. Post them instead or carry them with you.

Do I need to lodge my pet at a specific time?

Yes . All Pets need to be lodged with the relevant carrier at least two hours before departure (they will accept 90 minutes before as a minimum).

Do you have a question about travelling with pets? Email and we’ll pass it along to Dennis.

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