Celebrate 25 years of “Getaway” on Talking Lifestyle today!

by Saturday, June 17, 2017

Today on Journeys To Come on Talking Lifestyle radio, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Channel 9’s “Getaway” and enjoy travel highlights from producers and presenters from the hugely successful TV series.

David Reyne & Catriona

Having enjoyed 21 years with “Getaway” – with lots of adventures along the way – Catriona will share her top three highlights over more than two decades of travel.

She’ll also host a trio of presenters and producers with whom she has worked on the show. We’ll hear from Bettina Dalton, a former “Getaway” presenter, about her most memorable journey. John Walsh, the Executive Producer of the show, will recount some fond memories of his favourite travel destinations. And we’ll also join producer Nik Foster as she reminisces about the best places the show has taken her to over the years.

Despite their “life and death experiences,” Catriona says there’s a reason presenters and crew keep returning to the travelogue year after year.

“We’ve all got the funniest stories to tell and we’ve all gone through thick and thin together and years later we’re still friends,” she said.

Tune in at midday today or come back and listen to the podcasts, right here online.