With 220+ buildings open in Melbourne 28/29 July, planning is a must!

by Sunday, July 8, 2018

It’s Sunday (fun day) and we’re deeply ensconced in planning mode. You see, we’re heading to Open House Melbourne on 28/29 July and, with 220+ buildings and sites to visit, we’ll need to be a little bit organised so we don’t miss any of the must-see places.

Already on the list is Marilyn Rowe House, the Australian Ballet School’s residence for students, aged between 13-16, in Parkville.

Other buildings and sites we’d like to visit include:

– Bunjil Place by FJMT
– Teaching and Leaning Building by John Wardle Architects
– RMIT New Academic Street (multiple architects)
– Triangle House by Molecule Architects
– RACV Tiny Home by Maddison Architects

Some buildings have pre-booked tours, due to their limited capacity, and require a small $5 booking fee to reserve a place.

First release bookings open on Friday 13 July at 8:30am with the second release on Friday 20th July at 8:30am. Check each building page for the direct Universe ticketing link or find the full list of pre-booked buildings here: universe.com/openhousemelbourne

To help with your planning, head to the website or purchase a program for the event. You can pre-order your program today from Readings for $24.95. or just head along to one of their stores and pick one up. They can also be bought from the festival hub, outside the Melbourne Town Hall, on the day.

For more information, visit openhousemelbourne.org