Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras, Slovakia

by Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Concierge Simon Lukac has worked at the Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras, located in the mountains of High Tatras, Slovakia, since 2011.  For Simon, it is the constant and direct contact with guests, especially families with children, that he likes most about his job. “I am very happy to see them satisfied, and I am sure that their time spent with us has been something special. Having guests who trust us and keep nice memories of our hotel is my biggest satisfaction. Then I know I am in the right place,” he said. Let’s explore Slovakia’s beautiful High Tatras mountains and discover the diverse activities on offer, for all kinds of weather…  

Simon Lukac.

It’s a rainy day but we want to explore, what we should do

First of all, I would suggest our ZION SPA LUXURY, which we are especially proud of. Tea at five with the Kempinski cake is a great choice as well. If somebody wishes to take a trip in bad weather, they should definitely visit the Belianska or Vazecka cave, the museum of the Tatra National Park or the SKI Museum in Tatranska Lomnica.


Night-time entertainment

Our Lobby bar guarantees great entertainment with live music, and there are various concerts organised at our hotel as well. Restaurants in the area, such as Patria in Strbske Pleso, Kamzik in Stary Smokovec, Zbojnicka koliba in StaraLesna, or HumnoTatry offer gypsy music, which one can dance to.

Key phrases to learn

Learn phrases such as Dobrý deň (“Hello”), Dobrú chuť (“Enjoy your meal”), Dovidenia (“Goodbye”), Ako sa máš? (“How are you?”), Prosím (“Please”), Ďakujem (“Thank you”), Tatry sa mi veľmi páčia (“I like the Tatras very much”), Bolo to vynikajúce (“It was great”) and also Nehovorím po slovensky (“I don’t speak Slovak”).

Best shopping

To do big shopping, you should definitely head for the nearby town of Poprad, which offers shopping centres such as OC Forum Poprad and MAX Poprad. Typical souvenirs like shepherd’s hatchets [a long thin light axe/walking stick, used in past centuries by shepherds in the Carpathian Mountains], plush sheep, chocolate bars with motifs of the High Tatras, mini magnets, hand-painted cups, saucers or decorated gingerbread, or the traditional spirits are available at the local mini market in Strbske Pleso.

Child-friendly activities

Children love water slides and we have plenty of those in the close by water parks such as Aquacity Poprad, Tatralandia or Bešeňová (30 minutes drive from the hotel). They can amuse themselves at the Fun Park in Strbske Pleso, at the Wildparkor at the Squirrel rope park, or try theTatrabob bobsleigh track in TatranskaLomnica. Kids will love the Marmot Land in Skalnate Pleso and the magical world of illusions at Tricklandia.

Best-kept secret

The High Tatras have many secret treasures that only a few people know about. These include, e.g., a dinosaur footprint from the valley of Ticha dolina, whose copy is displayed at the Museum of the Tatra National Park in Tatranska Lomnica. Even some local Tatra people have no idea that there used to be mines under the peak of Mt Krivan in the past, that a rosary of stones can be found on the very summit of Mt Ostrva, and that a stone heart is located near the railway line and the locality of Popradske Pleso. The oldest, wild-growing Arolla pines, which are over 1,000 years old, grow in the Tatras, and a stone nicknamed ‘Anvil’ is on top of Mt Koncista.

Best way to get to the airport

The fastest way to the airport is along Route 538. In the town of Strba, one needs to get onto motorway D1/E 50 and continue up to the target location.



Best time of the year to visit 

I think every time of the year is unique. In the High Tatras, tourists can experience all seasons in one day – a sunny sky, snow, and clouds. That is why any day is ideal for spending a long weekend, a short holiday, or a family or romantic break in the embrace of our magical Tatra Nature. You can ski in winter; hike or do boating on the lake in summer; or take amazing pictures from hikes in autumn and spring.

Anything else we should know when visiting

You just have to come and see for yourself. Speaking about the Tatras is never enough. 🙂


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