Disconnecting to reconnect

by Saturday, March 3, 2018
It’s lovely to connect with you but I’ll admit, this week at Journeys To Come, we’ve been quite unified in our belief in the need to ‘disconnect to reconnect’ in order to enhance our personal relationships.

May I be really honest with you about something? When I was filming a series of romantic resorts in Asia last year, I was shocked by the amount of people not just on their phones, but during what I’d consider romantic moments – as in, at a beautifully set table in a candlelit restaurant, or side by side on an exquisite beach. Then there were the disinterested parents, in the company of their children, eyes firmly on the phone.This is something that drives me nuts. If my Husband dared to pull out a phone whilst at a romantic dinner, I’d have his guts for garters… sorry for the visual.

My family know ‘no phones at the table’ and in our home. I’ll allow ‘Phone Friday’, where my kids are only able to use my phone in the afternoon on a Friday. It works! That’s our rule and bizarrely, they follow it.

I’m absolutely in no position to throw stones from my glass house, but c’mon people, tools down! Can you detect I’m getting worked up here?

Ok, let’s move on to the sweet stuff…

This week, on Journeys To Come…

Guest Traveller

Are you a stranger to Nature? British-born and based Kim Bryce was until she ventured to Yosemite National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Having saved like crazy, she was more than ready for an exciting, extended, USA holiday with her best female friend. And she got exactly what she ordered, and some. Read her story, here.

Ask The Concierge
Stop what you’re doing and drink in some of this… Jaime Tries was born in a valley of orange groves, between the mountains and Mediterranean Sea, on the Balearic island of Mallorca. His birthplace lies just a few miles from the Belmond La Residencia hotel, where he has worked for two decades. Given the sizeable hills surrounding this stunning resort, methinks he doesn’t pop home for lunch! Read his story, here.
Beloved Books & Come Fly With Me 
I must give my warm thanks to author Kirsty Manning for her selection of Beloved Books featured this past week. Over the coming week, we’ll share the fave reads of Jela Ivankovic-Waters, the author we featured last Saturday in ‘Come Fly With Me’. Be sure to read Jela’s story about her road trip “A Journey With Clouds”, here. Thanks, Jela! And see her list of favourite, summer reads, right here