Drawn to natural beauty in Canada’s Yukon

by Friday, August 17, 2018

Greetings from Dawson City, in the heart of The Yukon, Canada.

If anyone’s heard of Jack London, the adventurer not the designer, you’ll know exactly where I am. This is seriously out there, true wilderness country, that tests one’s strength of character, where the temps reach -40 degrees and the shoe of choice is insulated Mutluks. I’m loving meeting the locals here, who are drawn to an energy provided by the extraordinary natural beauty.

I came to Dawson to do a story on an old gold mining town and have discovered so much more. A tiny place at the base of the mountains, settled on The Yukon river, that is rich beyond belief. Where between 1896-1899 Dawson made around $29 million dollars, by fortune seekers from around the world who had no idea how harsh the climate here was.

This tiny town has kept its old buildings, treasured it’s past and is reaping the rewards now of curious travellers like myself. Dawson City is built on a layer of permafrost, where the old buildings fold in on themselves when the ground heats up too much and all goes to mush. New buildings are now all built on stilts to survive the ever-moving frozen base. Gold mining is still the number one industry here, tourism a close second, but I’ve found there’s also a thriving music industry, a wonderful creative community and seriously good food.

I’ll be taking you, for the next few weeks, on my last cruise for the year, through Canada and Alaska as we make our way to the Arctic Circle. To those who’ve followed my many cruises this year as I write my book, thank you for your patience in sticking with me. I’ve reached the homeward stretch of writing and I’m thrilled you’ll also be seeing this story on “Getaway” as we join this Scenic cruise.

Heading to The Arctic is seriously popular as travellers have become cultural explorers. They want more than perfectly placed hotels amongst sanitised wilderness and yearn for authenticity, a certain quietness and I’ve found this is a really popular cruise for solo travellers who’ll be amongst like-minded souls.

If you love your wildlife, you may have seen on my Instagram (catrionarowntree & journeystocome) the beautiful creatures I literally came face to face with at the 1000-acre Yukon Wildlife Preserve. I was fascinated by these animals’ remarkable feet! So unusual, yet built to withstand this famously frozen terrain. Is that weird to say?

You my have also heard my story, of filming my final piece in Whitehorse, out on this beautiful bluff overlooking the raging Yukon, when three bears (a mummy and her cubs) literally tumbled out of the woods to where we were standing. Truly, I had just been talking about the kind of traveller loon for an authentically wild experience when on cue those wild bears came towards me. I hope you don’t mind that my cameraman made a hasty retreat. Our amazing Guide Teena, from Who What Where travel, insisted we head off immediately as, “Those Mumma’s are the worst kind, protecting their babies!”. I understood. Respect to the Mummas.

So, if you’re up for adventure and great stories, stick with me kid!

Happy travels to you, too.


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Bon Voyage,


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