Falling for the Blue Mountains, by actress Inez Currò

by Saturday, May 5, 2018

By far my favourite place is Empress Falls in the Blue Mountains.  I love going to the Lookout in the early morning, watching the light change and hearing the waterfalls. It’s got an awe inspiring calm and just really nice vibes.  For me the best times are Autumn and Spring – you see different flowers and can pretend it’s cold enough to use the fireplace.  We always go to Leura about 10 minutes away.  Leura has a great bookstore – Megalong Books – and so many places to take photos of flowers (because obviously when there are spectacular valleys and mountains you should take photos of flowers).  Where we stay at Wentworth Falls overlooking the Jamison Valley, there are lots of bushwalks, with brilliant views.  That’s how I found Empress Falls!

Inez Currò.

Inez’s top tip for holidaying in the Blue Mountains

Bring a camera, there are so many great photos to take there, of course just experiencing the views and the atmosphere and making memories is super nice but paper (or digital) memories are good too. Also you might see things like Lyrebirds and NO ONE will believe you, so take lots of photos!!

Something she always packs when she travels

No matter where I’m going I always pack way too many t-shirts, like honestly what am I planning to do with them!  Who knows but I’m sure if the apocalypse comes I’ll have enough t-shirts, which is a much better narrative than, “they just sit in my bag and take up space that I could’ve used for useful things like socks.”

A destination on her bucket list

I really want to go to Japan one day. I absolutely love the old and new elements of Japanese culture. On my list to see are places like Nara Deer Park and the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. I’d also love to get the chance to practice everyday Japanese conversation in Japan.

A travel disaster which stays in her mind

Twenty-two hours from Melbourne to Sydney by plane!  Near Sydney the pilot announces, “Storms have held up flights. We will miss the landing curfew and have been rerouted to Canberra”. Once there everyone needs the toilet or food or both. We are at the back near the loo and kitchen – best comedy sketch ever!  Hours later they decide to return to Melbourne. Passengers checked (people got off), final checks ready for takeoff, then…… “we’re really sorry but a bat has flown into the wing and we can’t fly”. 2am – start offloading. 3.30am – bed! Next day further delays STRONG WINDS. Twenty-two hours later, Sydney!

About Inez Currò

I’m Inez Currò, a 14-year-old arty person who plays Sara Waybourne in “Picnic at Hanging Rock”, 2018. I love to sketch, paint, sing, compose and play music and songs, take photos, and write – poetry, plays, and fiction.  I love taking different perspectives and angles with things I create. I would love to go somewhere with all these things.  I hope I get the chance to keep doing this as I get older and gain more experience.  I’m also planning to have a small army of cats when I’m older, really that’s the main goal to be honest.


To see Inez play Sara Waybourne in the six-part, “Picnic at Hanging Rock” miniseries, catch the first episode when it airs on Sunday 6 May at 8.30pm, on Foxtel Showcase.