Find your happy place, people!

by Thursday, July 20, 2017

Where is your favourite holiday spot? I’ve been pondering that question as I wrap school holidays and daydream about the holidays my parents would take us on. My son Charlie certainly found his happy place in the snow at Victoria’s Mt. Buller. Couldn’t get that kid off the slopes! Even at night. I was trying to give my boys a happy holiday and, for at least 50 per cent of them, I hit the jackpot. Success!

As you can see in our selfie, we are not a shy bunch. When I asked my family for ‘just one nice pic’, they went a bit bonkers. Well, as bonkers as you can on a chairlift. Sorry guys, but we were a bit excited to finally have James off the farm and having fun. Short but sweet, but at least we were all together.

Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie. Photo credit: VisitNSW

Growing up, my (first!)’ best holiday ever’ was in the NSW coastal town of Port Macquarie. Despite the fact the trip was in the ’70s, it is still one of my favourite places of all time and just as exquisite in winter as it is in summer. We spent school holidays there, driving up cheek by jowl from Sydney with my large family in the station wagon, being serenaded by Barbra Streisand – on cassette tape.

I have so many happy childhood memories from those days… swimming at the gorgeous Flynns Beach, and learning to ride horses. Call me sentimental, but it will always hold true in my heart.

Photo credit: Nancy Bugeja

If you have a moment, take a listen to last Saturday’s Journeys to Come radio show and find out why Kashmir and Paris rank as favourite places for some discerning travellers.

Speaking of discerning, this week’s Guest Traveller combined a work trip to Fiji with some time for relaxation, finding the friendly-faced people who welcomed her also provided useful advice on making the most of the beautiful island setting.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the scenic Italian resort town of Taormina brought us this week’s Ask The Concierge: The Leading Hotels of the World property, San Domenico Palace Hotel, on the island of Sicily. By the look of that stunning hotel and even better view of the Ionian Sea and Mt Etna, it could easily be my next favourite place…

On another note, you’ve encouraged me this week to take a leap into doing ‘Facebook Live‘ and more podcasts. I know I’m late to the party, but driven by the fact my daily life allows me to meet such interesting characters who I just know you’d love to meet, I’m whipping that Mic out like there’s no tomorrow. Be patient with me, I think you’ll enjoy the chats.

Before I go, I have to say it was kinda wonderful to see the opportunity, in last week’s newsletter, to go glamping really piqued your interest. Entries flooded in and I’m thrilled for the very-quick-off-the-mark winner because it’s going to be a surprise for her husband! Thank you Western Glamping Co. for the fabulous prize. Will a luxury tent be their happy place? I can’t wait to find out when she files her Guest Traveller story about her weekend. Now people, don’t be shy! If you found your happy place on your recent travels, tell us all about it as a Guest Traveller. We love to share your stories with the world!

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