Find your extra with Clarins

by Thursday, April 26, 2018

Feel like a wander around my garden with me? Recently the Clarins team were welcomed to our farm, for a little chat about my love of their products.

I’ll admit, after 40 days of no rain, my heart was in my mouth, but hopefully you’ll enjoy what you see, you be the judge. As for the products, well they’ve kept up their end of the hydration bargain, much better than the weather gods. I only started using the Double Serum last year, recommend by a Flight Attendant (I always ask for their tips) and bought whilst wandering through the Duty Free. That’s pretty much where I buy most of my products, as I like to use my OS Getaway trips, generally 2 weeks long, as the perfect test period to see if something really does what it says.

In the case of the Double Serum, as I say during the interview, it’s not until you finish the bottle that you realise just what a difference it makes. You kind of miss that glow, once it’s gone. This is the only serum I’ve returned to and now mix a bit in with my foundation, to go for that double glow…from my Double Serum.

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