Former beauty queens use travel to educate and inspire

by Saturday, November 30, 2019

In a bid to shine a light on injustice and social issues around the world, four former Victorian beauty pageant queens have embarked on a quest which they are sharing as part of a captivating documentary series Behind The Sash currently showing Saturdays on Channel 10 Peach.

Each episode follows a unique journey from visiting the local streets of Melbourne to explore the issue of homelessness, to witnessing a life-changing operation on a four-year-old boy in Nepal about to see his parents for the first time.

This week, Producer of Behind The Sash Danielle McAlpine-Johnson and her co-stars share memories from some of the stunning settings these four remarkable women have visited.


Set in the stunning Kimberly, Western Australia the ladies visited Beagle Bay to shine a light on the youth suicide rate amongst the Aboriginal community, whilst exploring the truth of traditional Australian culture with Indigenous Beauty Tasha McAlpine.


The ladies follow Lucy Holmes to remote Nepal and witness the life changing operation of a four year old boy called Buzz. After traveling eight hours across the Indian border Buzz’s parents witness him see for the very first time in his life.


Filipino Australian Kaye Anastacio takes the women to the Philippines to work with organisation “Gawad Kalinga” – removing entire communities from the slums of Manila into safe housing. The ladies get their hands dirty during a house build & explore the horrific truth of mothers living in makeshift homes built on a garbage dump.


Tough but glamorous diary farmer, Sallie Jones welcomes the ladies to Gippsland where they discuss the mental health issues within of the Gippsland farming industry. Whilst the ladies go milking & explore country life, they uncover some devastating stories within local families, before putting on a beautiful soiree in celebration of the courageous farmers.


Highlighting environmental organisation “Eco Barge” the ladies travel to far North Queensland and meet Libby Edge, a powerhouse Aussie babe cleaning up the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsunday region. The ladies explore the islands, whilst removing marine debris to reduce the impact on this majestic natural wonder of the world.

Tune into the Behind the Sash Saturdays at 1.30pm on Channel 10 Peach, with each episode’s encore being broadcasted the following Sunday at 8am on Channel 10, and streamed on TenPlay.

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