Frequent flyer fizz

by Friday, September 3, 2021

The subject of frequent flyer programs has, for us hamstrung travellers, been a hot topic of late. What to do with our current points; how to earn more; how to win more; to protect or to plunder? Hells bells there’s a lot to wrap your head around. One of our favourite current talking points at Journeys to Come is to let the mind wander as to what you’d do with a year’s worth of travel prizes.

Qantas and Virgin have both launched exciting competitions to encourage people to get vaccinated. The Be Rewarded campaign from Qantas gives members a chance to win a flights, accommodation and fuel for a year. Virgin’s VA-X & WIN campaign includes PJs, business class flights and much more. So, there’s no shortage of chances to take to the skies (once they open again!).

Where would you go and how would you use the travel prizes? Here’s some inspiration from the Journeys to Come team:

At the top of Catriona’s list is a return to the South Pacific

Permit me to dream as if I was to win? Hmm, I think I’d like to take my children to one of my favourite places on Earth, the place that when I first visited years ago, I declared “if anyone is ever crazy enough to ask me to marry them, this is where I’ll ask to go on our Honeymoon!”. Of course, if you watch Getaway, you’ll know that’s the South Pacific country, The Cook Islands. It’s 100% Covid free, I’ll have you know, and pure paradise to this heat-craving Aussie. If I’m allowed a runner-up wish granted? Well, I’d probably take my Mum back to France. During lockdown I signed up to French classes at the Alliance Française, thought I’d strain my brain a bit and as I do so each Monday night it dawns on me… “the only way I’ll ever be able to truly learn this beautiful language, is to GO to France”. Combine that with the fact I’ve not seen my Mum for months, it’s calling my name…with an accent of course.

Our editor Jack has a bucket list of adventures ready

First stop, I’d take some time to explore more of this great country we call home and tick off some domestic bucket list items: Uluru and tropical north Queensland. Next up, I’d venture further afield, and book an around-the-world ticket, spending a solid month, or more, reacquainting myself with some of my favourite destinations – hello New York, hello London, hello Tuscany, hello Paris. Then back in the bubble, I’d catchup with friends in New Zealand; explore my hometown of Queensland with multiple weekenders to the Sunshine Coast with family; and head over to Tasmania for fresh air and fabulous food. Then it’s time to focus on the overseas bucket list: the cherry blossoms in Japan followed by the architecture of Palm Springs (with a side trip and return to Napa). When not up in the air, I would use the fuel to explore Victoria and our surrounding states. Weekends at wineries; a road trip to Adelaide; a foodie weekend in Orange; and skiing, to name a few.

So, that’s it from us, your turn to dream: what would you do with all those wonderful points?

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