Getting my French fix… Pourquoi pas!

by Friday, March 9, 2018

Bonjour, mon chérie.

I promise I never set out to have a French theme this week, however….

As we’ll be featuring the Parisian-obsessed writer Katrina Lawrence and her favourite Parisian hangouts on the travel blog in ‘Come Fly With Me’ tomorrow

AND because, coincidentally, my story on Paris and Bordeaux will be on “Getaway” this weekend (Saturday, 5.30pm)…
AND after meeting with the world-renowned international fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess (whose favourite place is Paris) just yesterday…
I thought pourquoi pas! Why not!

I think I feature France a little too much, but is that really such a bad thing? Like buying one too many shoes on sale, or eating truffle twice in one sitting, these things should be savoured. And yes, of course I’m referring to myself with the former examples. If it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right. So, lets goss.

Kerrie Hess! Amazing. More beautiful in the flesh than you could ever imagine. Seriously hard worker and the only Aussie to ever be invited to exhibit at Le Meurice Hotel. We’ll have her podcast coming up soon, so I’ll stop raving, needless to say there’s a new member of The Kerrie Hess Fan Club.

I just thought I’d add that, not only do I follow these two girls on Insta (Kerrie actually gave me a lesson on how to properly record Insta stories, as I keep filming up my nose on my live ones), but I also love Vicki Archer, Sharon Santoni and The French Table to get my French fix… just saying. You never know; you may be obsessed, like me.

So, with that, enjoy your travels until we next chat, I have so many lovely things to share with you for next week and I hope you’ve lots to share with me, too. We always love to hear your travel tales!

This week, on Journeys To Come…

Guest Traveller
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“Beirut has been through a lot over the past 30 years yet, after every cataclysm, the city dusts itself off and faces the future with fresh optimism.” In her story for us this week, Nathalie Hany, Head Concierge at the InterContinental Le Vendôme, in Beirut, Lebanon, says she gives travellers ways to discover Beirut both by day and after dark, to explore its “enchanting nightlife”. Read the story, here.
Come Fly With Me & Beloved Books
When asked about her favourite places to visit, Christina Renowden, founder and director of Leap into Nature, said Kakadu in the Northern Territory, Lady Elliot Island in Queensland, and Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria. Read it here. And see Christina’s list of Beloved Books, right here

Catriona’s Travel Tips 

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Autumn School Holidays – WIN one of 10 double passes to the Tesselaar KaBloom Flower Festival 

I love going to the Tesselaar Tulip Festival and I was floored to hear that it has been running for 60 years! Well, building on this incredible history and the blooming bonanza in autumn, Tesselaar is giving 10 of you a double pass to enjoy their world of flowers from 30 March to 15 April (during the Victorian school holidays). To enter, visit our KaBloom posts on Instagram or Facebook and tag a friend. And to read about some fabulous school holiday activities, click here.

For our Tassie friends, next week we’ll be giving away three family passes to the Seahorse World Kids Discovery Program in Beauty Point so, keep your eyes peeled!