The Great Hot-Versus-Cold Conundrum

by Friday, June 2, 2017

Sand or Snow? Cocktail or Gluwein? Swimsuit or Ski-suit? On which side of the equation will you sit for your next holiday?

Tomorrow at midday on Journeys To Come on Talking Lifestyle Radio, we’ll seek to find an answer to this vexed question… well, not really vexed. You’d have to agree, it’s a nice ‘problem’ to have!

We listen to the cold argument first, chatting with Anton Grimus of Hotel Pension Grimus, who completely embraces winter in all its white, off-piste glory.

Then we escape the chill and scoot up to Broome in Western Australia where Marilynne Paspaley, the owner of Pinctada McAlpine House, throws open her doors to those fleeing the frost.

And, to finish, we explore the slightly more middle ground with Brett Steele who takes us on a tour of the notion of whisky tasting in Tasmania during Whisky Week in August.

Join us – at midday tomorrow, or come back and listen to the podcast right here or at Talking Lifestyle.