Guest Traveller: Fiji

by Monday, July 17, 2017

Guest Traveller Nancy Bugeja combined a work trip to Fiji with some time for relaxation. Like many working parents, Nancy, who is the Managing Director of a successful design agency, HM, often combines business and leisure – and travel is no different. The friendly-faced people who welcomed her to Fiji also provided useful advice on making the most of the beautiful island setting. Here, she shares her memories of an inspirational trip mixing work and life…

This choir are the people from the Sanasana Village, conducted by the beautiful Mere Nahauvina who is also the teacher of that Village.

Landing in Nadi’s warm climate during the cold Melbourne winter, I instantly felt rejuvenated. I arrive at the lush, decadent InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa where, the following day, I would attend day one of a business retreat.


Some members of the Sanasana Village playing and singing, their harmonising made me feel as though they had been singing together for years and years.







Being greeted the Fijian way instantly demonstrated a culture that is so authentic, giving and grateful. Something I would quickly fall in love with. My welcome was followed by four days of inspiration, enlightenment, knowledge and culture in the most beautiful setting I have seen.



A bonfire lit after Kava and Lovo. Memories that will last a lifetime.



Evenings were rich with conversation and traditions. I spent some time with the Sanasana Village teacher, Mere Nahauvina, who’s family prepared a meal for us, cooked traditionally in the earth (lovo) reserved for special occasions. The feast of fish, chicken, and local root vegetables began with a welcome ceremony led by Mere’s family member Sedo, involving song and Kava. We shared food and stories complete with bonfire in the sand, as our retreat came to a close in the most magnificent way.




Thank you, people of Fiji, especially the Sanasana Village, and Jason Cunningham for an enlightening business retreat. #HYCfiji


Nancy’s Top Five Tips for Travelling on Business to Fiji:

  1. Be mindful and present.  Allow yourself to enjoy the business/leisure experience.
  2. Don’t take extra work to do while away. You probably won’t have time to do any of it 🙂
  3. Use downtime wisely. Use any time in between working sessions to rest or explore the sites.
  4. Get to know the ones you’re with. They could become collaborators and friends.
  5. Ask the locals. It’s amazing what they will share with you.


To connect with Nancy Bugeja, visit or connect via Instagram or Twitter with @nancybugeja.

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