Hard Rock Hotel, Bali

by Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I stand to be corrected. When I first heard I was going to film a Getaway story at The Hard Rock Hotel in Bali, I thought ‘but won’t it be noisy, won’t we be sharing the pool with Guns n Roses wannabes (or the band themselves) and surely they’ll only serve burgers and fries? How could a family possibly enjoy this?’

Well my Gorgeous Groupie, how wrong I was. From the moment we drove, sorry, rocked up to reception, my preconceived ideas were blown out of the water.

Firstly, it’s mega, I mean really huge, so even though you’re smack dab in the middle of busy Kuta, you feel that your Hotel is an oasis. Yes, there is the music theme that we know and love from Hard Rock, but when I checked in, in the evening, the music was turned down low around the rooms so as not to keep your little cherubs or my delicate head up.

Watch my Hard Rock Hotel Getaway story here.


The following morning, whilst having a quiet brekky by the pool (I need to add I had the most delicious, healthy, omelette each morning I was here) a little boy came over to say hello to me. I couldn’t help but ask him (my Husband says I interview everyone from babies to Labradors) what he thought of the hotel and this child revealed this was his 10th time there! Yes, 10! I figure he likes the place.

Sure enough, his Mum came to see what we were chatting about and if I didn’t know better I’d have thought she was planted in my path by the PR department. This lady was just in love with the hotel and given she only had a brief holiday each year she saw no reason to change. I understand that…. when you’re onto a good thing, why quit?!

Hard Rock Hotel

So, what’s the appeal? Well for her it was a brilliant Kids Club, that allowed her to leave her children in a fun and safe environment whilst she either…

  1. Had a massage
  2. Went shopping at all the nearby shops and markets around the hotel
  3. Was propped up the pool bar having Pina Coladas.

Look, this family was happy, so were the 30 friends she’d enticed on this trip. Honestly, this woman was a classic. She’s convinced all her mates this was the best holiday ever and I could see with my own two eyes they were having a ball. If you ever watch the Getaway story, you’ll see I made her the star (or did she steal the show?) as she had me in hysterics with her singing by the bar that night with her friends. Yes, I joined in too. We really had fun.

A couple of elements I need to add that I experienced on my own, maybe thankfully for others, was the music. True, that’s the point of difference at The Hard Rock, but guess what? I made a record! Sadly, when I now play my recording at home, stray dogs come running, but who cares? I made a record!

Also, if you’d like to borrow a true blue electric guitar, you can request one to be sent to your room and they come with headphones and noise-cancelling equipment so you don’t bother the neighbours whilst you do your best Slash impersonation.

I also was able to sample the nearby Jamie’s Italian restaurant that’s part of the hotel. I have heard from others the service can be slow, but I can only speak from my experience and say we loved it. I liked the option of fresh, wholesome food and I’d recommend sitting upstairs where it’s air conditioned. Oh and there’s a radio station that broadcasts live within the hotel each day too. It’s nuts!

But I think I need to reiterate this place seemed to be enjoyed by fun-loving families, the kids club really seemed to offer children a wonderful, varied experience, you are close to the hubbub of Kuta if that’s your thing and the Spa in the hotel is super successful.

Kuta and kid friendly does not appeal to all, but I can hand on heart say the many guests I met were having the time of their lives… hey, is that a song?


Hard Rock Hotel



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