Hot damn, it’s Rotterdam!

by Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Caithlyn (22 years) and Ashley (28 years) are the dynamic duo who “work at the most awesome hotel of Rotterdam: Room Mate Hotel Bruno!”, in the Netherlands. Caithlyn was born in Rotterdam, and “after one day of having an amazing time” she had to move to her real home which is in a “small boring town near the coast”. Ashley was born and raised in the south of Rotterdam and so is “a true lover of Rotterdam!”. Let’s explore this major port city in the province of south Holland…

Their favourite locale when enjoying a day off
We both love to go to Witte de Withstraat, which is one of the most popular streets in Rotterdam for dining but also during the night it is an awesome place to be. Especially in the summer, we love settling down on a terrace there and drinking a nice cold beer or ice tea!

Where their take their own guests when they visit
Definitely to the Kop van Zuid which is an architectural paradise. Also, the city centre of course where you can let your inner shopaholic come out! For the rest, we love to show the beautiful buildings and some good dining!

It’s a rainy day but we want to explore, what we should do
You want to explore the whole city? It sounds so tacky and touristy but the Hop On, Hop Off [bus] is the best way to explore the highlights of Rotterdam. Splash Tours is also awesome. It is a bus that will also go into the water! When you just want to go on a shopping spree, you can also visit Zuidplein. This is a big, indoor, shopping mall in the south of Rotterdam, with more than 160 stores.

Their recommendations for night-time entertainment
In Rotterdam, we have several great restaurants that are also unique! What do you think about the SS Rotterdam, which used to be a cruise ship but now is permanently docked at Katendrecht or the Foodhallen, which is located in the exact same building as our beautiful hotel? Enjoy different kinds of street food with an industrial vibe! For people who love to go out at night, we recommend Witte de Withstraat. This street is multicultural and everyone is open for a nice conversation.

A key phrase visitors should learn
People who have met Dutch people will probably already know this but the phrase “kijken kijken, niet te kopen” which means, “looking looking but not buying”. This phrase is popular with the foreign people! And in most cases, it is true 😊

The best shopping
The best shopping is Beurstraverse and the Lijnbaan of course. With all the big shops like Zara and H&M, it is a shopping paradise! During your endless shopping you can stop by different kinds of shops to get typical Dutch souvenirs, like the wooden shoes or tulips, and try a ‘stroopwafel’ some time. They are so delicious, you don’t want to eat anything else while you are here.

A child-friendly thing to do or place to go
We have a lot of educational museums here in Rotterdam but the Maritiem Museum is especially fun for kids. Here kids can go on an adventure in the wonderful harbour of Professor Plons and his friends. In a playful manner they are introduced to different ships, their work in the port and how products, such as their own toys, are transported by ship across the world. The Splash Tour is also really nice for the kids or, on a beautiful day, try out the Water Taxi or the Spido for a harbour tour! Your kids will definitely be interested in that!

Their best kept secret or favourite hidden treasure
The Fenix Food Factory. It looks a lot like the Foodhallen but this is more for the young adults among us. The food is cheaper but also delicious. Basically, a great place you must stop by while you are in Rotterdam.

The best way to get to the airport
Depends on which airport. Rotterdam has its own airport, but it is hard to reach with public transport. When you must go to the airport of Rotterdam we advise you to take a taxi. From Amsterdam Schiphol is easy to reach by train. From our hotel you can take the metro to Rotterdam Central Station and from there, the train. There are several trains leaving for Schiphol every hour.

The best time of the year to visit
On this one we agree to disagree! Caithlyn would answer this question by saying Spring, which is also her favourite season. In the spring we have Keukenhof which is a special park full of beautiful flowers. It is an art on its own because the people make images with the flowers. Also, Kinderdijk, with all our windmills is beautiful to visit this time of year, especially with the bike. For Ashley, her favourite time is winter time. In this season the whole city gets cosy with all the Christmas lights everywhere but the best thing about this season is the indoor ice skating which looks like a frozen fairy tale in the winter evenings!

Anything else we should know when visiting
There are a lot of awesome things to do here in Rotterdam. We can name you a whole list but of course the Euromast is great when there is a clear sky. In the highest observation tower in the Netherlands, you can have a great lunch or sophisticated dinner while enjoying the view! The Markethall is a Walhalla for food lovers with fresh vegetables, delicious cupcakes and sweets and great restaurants.  And of course, Room Mate Bruno 😉

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