How amazing this journey is

by Saturday, November 17, 2018

Daylesford has always been a favourite destination, whether for a day trip, a weekend or something a bit longer and more relaxing. The town itself is full of vibrant culture and amazing local food. There is a thriving art community in Daylesford and a short stroll will often lead to a rejuvenation of the body and mind with creative inspiration and human connection. It’s a fantastic place to base yourself, as it is far enough from Melbourne to feel like you’re getting away, while still being close enough that the drive home isn’t too daunting.

Zane Curwen-Walker.

Zane’s top tips for Daylesford

Any trip to Daylesford must include some time at The Convent Gallery. Whether stopping in for breakfast, an afternoon treat, or a peaceful walk around the gardens and gallery, the Convent is a very special place. It is the perfect showpiece and viewpoint for this picturesque little town.

Convent Gallery Daylesford.

Something he always packs

Whenever I travel I make sure I pack the latest book I am reading. I would always hope that if I’m going away I’ll have enough time to sit and read. I would then make sure I have a notebook and some shoes to go walking. I think any holiday or getaway should centre on relaxation rather than rushing.

Convent Gallery, Daylesford.

A destination on his bucket list

A destination I have always wanted to visit is Iceland. The scenery looks unbelievable and I’m fascinated by their rich history and culture. I would love to experience the hot springs that are surrounded by snow and ice. I’d also like a chance to see the infamous Strong Men of Iceland do their thing.

Boat House, Daylesford.

A travel disaster

While making my way through South America, I had my whole bag (which was essentially my entire life at the time) stolen from the carriage underneath our bus. It was devastating at the time, as I only found out about the lost luggage after an 11-hour bus ride so, naturally, all I wanted to do was get changed and have a good sleep. After spending a couple of days making my way around local markets and replacing all of the necessities, I found this situation to be a great lesson in perspective. I realised how much I had and how lucky I was to be able to buy everything back, while so many people around at the time had so little and lived a life of deep struggle.

Wombat Nursery and Cliffy’s, Daylesford.

About Zane Curwen-Walker

I am a personal trainer, meditation and breath-work facilitator and ice-immersion enthusiast. I have a passion for philosophy, which serves as the glue that brings each of my other skillsets together. I spend my time in a search for understanding of our human experience. I love travel as it exposes me to small parts of this world, most of which I will never have the chance to see, and each time I am given a chance to learn and appreciate just how amazing this journey is.

Wombat Nursery and Cliffy’s, Daylesford.

Zane will be a facilitator of the ‘Art of Heart’, an event over the ‘Live. Love. Life.’ weekend of wellness in Daylesford, November 16 – 18, 2018. The ‘Art of Heart’ event is an all-day workshop at the Convent Gallery, where guests can learn a range of world-renown techniques to master their physical and mental wellbeing, magnified by the support of a likeminded community. The event is facilitated by Zane Curwen-Walker, Asher Packman, Mark Kluwer and Ky Furneaux. This is a chance to experience a full-day workshop with some powerful elements including: The Wim Hof Method, HeartMath, breathing techniques, ice immersion and survival skills.