I’ll take you there

by Friday, December 1, 2017

Here I am, on top of Amman, at The Citadel, just doing the ‘opener’ for our “Getaway” TV special on Jordan. The ‘Switzerland of the Middle East’ is what they’ve nicknamed Jordan as it’s considered the safest country here.

But I know that safety alone, whilst wonderful, is not enough of a lure for us keen travellers. Now that I’m here in Jordan it’s clear to see its appeal lies in its diversity. There is just so much to see and do. Its draw-cards cover so many different types of interests. Take this, for example…

I’m about to visit The Red Sea and The Dead Sea; wander through deserts that Moses, Mohammed and Jesus have all – it’s believed – walked through; we’ll go glamping under the stars; sample a dollop of its dynamic capital city, Amman; and yes, indeed, we’ll be seeing some extraordinary, ancient ruins. Did someone say ‘Petra’? You bet, I’ll take you there.

Unlike Egypt, where I’ve just flown in from, I’ve never been to Jordan so I am just so excited to begin this journey, with you. If you would like more stories, head over to my Instagram to keep up with me as I travel through this amazing part of the world!

Meanwhile, back at the Cat Cave, this week’s Guest Traveller, Reggie Johnston, has me green with Wanderlust envy. He travelled from London to Kashmir, a northern-Indian state, to see the gorgeous Dal Lake from a houseboat, AND cycle the ‘highest motorable roads in the world’! I must say, I don’t like the sound of altitude sickness however, I do love his descriptions of the epic adventure. And his serendipitous sighting of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Definitely worth a read. Pure inspiration!

And, closer to home, in Ask The Concierge, we visited the beautifully restored “Duchess of Duke Street”: Holyrood House, delightful hosted-accommodation in Daylesford. Owners Andrew Matthews – a former chef and butler, and Keith Cleur clearly have exquisite taste (those tiles on the front steps made me swoon!). They can also boast a rare and unique pedigree when it comes to knowing how to make a weekend away, something rather special. That gorgeous garden would be the perfect place for a summer afternoon nap… Book me in! I’ll be needing a lo-o-o-ng nap after this trip!

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