Jonathan Colombini, Celebrity Hairdresser

by Monday, May 1, 2017
Jonathan Colombini shies away from the term ‘Celebrity Hairstylist’ but, as the go-to guy for the Kardashian clan, he can’t avoid it. He’s truly talented as well as being a divine specimen, both inside and out. I met him years ago in Sydney and he said was hoping to work here in Oz whenever possible. Enter the ‘blonde whisperer’ and fellow hair magician Belinda Jeffrey of La Boutique and he now is able to wield his wand/scissors in her salon, once in a blue moon. I grabbed the chance to work with him and couldn’t help but grill him for some hair tips… whilst he gave me my first shag! As he put his deft hands at work on my fine and all too frequently fried hair, he also very generously shared some great products and a recipe, all of which I’m definitely going to try out.

Jonathan’s favourite travel product… Dry shampoo.

Favourite brand… R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo. Or, for more texture, Oribe Maximista texturising spray.

To deal with humidity… Change your shampoo and conditioner. People rely too much on actual product. You don’t wear the same make-up in the summer as you do in winter. You change it. Your hair is a continuation of your skin essentially. Use a heavier conditioner or use an anti-humidity product on dry hair.

If you’ve got fine hair… For texturising, Oribe has a product called Maximista thickening spray.

When you’re travelling, what do you always throw into your work kit… A texture spray or dry shampoo. It’s such a universal product and it can work in so many different ways.

Best hair treatment for the time-poor… A spray-in conditioner. Spray and go.

The most common hair mistake… There’s a misconception that damage comes from colour but most damage comes from the environment and tongs. Hairdryers come with concentrators for a reason. Use them! You’re going to fry your hair off if you don’t use the concentrator on your hairdryer.

Foods that make your hair better… Omega oils from fish, and fish broth. If you do a bone broth but do it with fish instead, its the best way you can take Omega oils into the body. (See Jonathan’s recipe – the beef bones can be swapped for fish bones. Note that 1 pound is equivalent to about 500 grams.)

And finally, his favourite place to holiday… Sydney, Australia.