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by Saturday, October 29, 2016

Today’s show was full of so many highlights, an action-packed two hours live from Derby Day at Flemington, Vic!

Top 5 Melbourne Must-do’s

1. MCG: Even if you’re not into sport, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still get chills and soak up the glory that has occurred on this iconic field. Do one of the fantastic guided tours on offer at the MCG – find out more here.

2. Melbourne Museum: Catriona’s son’s favourite museum and one of the first she has visited that has been truly interactive. Become a member for cheap access. See dinosaurs, visit the interactive play areas and outside garden area.

3. Great Ocean Road: Embrace the natural beauty that is the Great Ocean Road and see the incredible 12 Apostles. Whether it’s on a motorbike tour, in the air or hire car, just go for it! Maybe even stop and learn to surf at Bells Beach, your weekend is planned, there’s something for everyone.

4. Queen Victoria Market: Melbourne do produce markets so well! One of Catriona’s (and Jane Webster’s) favourites is the Queen Vic Markets. Pssstt – have a coffee break at Market Lane Coffee!  For trading days and hours, click here.

5. Daylesford: Country town turned Victorian trend-setter, home to Paul Bangay and was mentioned as a ‘favourite’ not only by Catriona, but by today’s guests Layne Beachley and Jane Webster!

Special Guest Jane Webster

Jane is an Australian culinary writer and entertainer extraordinaire, who is also a seasoned expert when it comes to French culture, cuisine and lifestyle. The Melbournian fell in love with France after her and her husband, Peter, spent their honeymoon there and fell madly in love with the city.

The couple now live in Normandy (in the village of Bosgouet) for six months of the year, where the lucky pair bought a beautiful chateau. It’s from here that Jane runs cooking classes and culinary tours of the beautiful region.

She also spends time in her hometown of Melbourne and runs incredible market tours while she’s here (Fri and Sat morning). She meets a small group, gives them menus for inspiration and shows them the best of the best at the Queen Vic Markets. She inspires people to get in the kitchen and shares tips over Market Lane Coffee.

Some more of Jane’s Melbourne loves: Abbotsford Convent, South Melbourne Markets (great weekday) & Daylesford.

FIJI – Tonight on Getaway 530pm

Catriona travels to Fiji to experience the Savala Island Day Cruise. Catriona spoke with Matt Stoeckel CEO of Tourism Fiji.

Matt, why must we all go to FIJI?

  1. It’s easy to get to – closer to Sydney than what Perth is!
  2. Plenty of sunshine
  3. Hospitality – Money cannot buy experience, the customer service and hospitality is exceptional. In Fiji, you’re treated like family.
  4. It’s the ultimate for families – there are exceptional nannies and kids clubs, plus tons of activities.

Matt’s fav spot – Mamanucas Islands. Go snorkeling and explore the white sandy beaches.

Catch up here:


Who doesn’t love a good mud bath! Catriona stopped off at the Sabeto Valley Mud Pool and Thermal Spring on her recent trip to Fiji.
Locals believe the sulphur in the hot springs has healing properties and the mud also apparently takes 15 years off your age… do they bottle that stuff?!




















Special Guest Fiona Sweetman

Catriona spoke with Fiona Sweetman from Hidden Secret Tours in Melbourne.

Her most popular tour is the Melbourne Lanes and Arcades Tour – three hours of exploring Melbourne’s arcades and laneways that hide many treasures, it’s the ideal way to discover and learn about the enchantment of Melbourne (with an indulgent coffee stop in the middle).

Book online at


Special Guest James Morgan

Sir Richard Branson’s private photographer when he visits Australia and he made headlines this week with this Sculptures By The Sea photo.


Sculptures by the Sea


James, how do you take the perfect travel photo?

  1. Wake up early and stay up late. 5am is incredible – beautiful, organic shots.
  2. Get lost – don’t stick to normal areas of the city.
  3. Bring subjects closer to the lens, fill the frame with people,  don’t stand far away – you’ll still see the e.g. Luna Park face in the background.
  4. Subject looking into the sun? Trick is to turn them against the sun so they can see, you just need to use a flash to fill the shadows.
  5. Always have a camera with you. You never know when you’ll need it.
  6. Look at what’s around you, then engage with the camera.

What camera should we invest in? I’d recommend you go to your local retailer and touch the cameras, are they light? Are they heavy? It’s very personal and you need it to fit in your life and in your hand. The lens is the most critical part – spend more on a good lens than a good body.

What do you love about taking photographs for a living? I’m in a position that allows exclusive privilege to observe things in a way others don’t get to experience – I’m thrilled and honoured to do this.


Special Guest Monica Brown

Scottish gal who’s a publicist and brand manager to some of the greatest chefs on the planet.

She perceives chefs as artists and her role is to guide them and translate what they do to the world – communicate art through food.

Favourite Melbourne restaurant: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (one of her star clients). She also loves Ides ( by Peter Gunn. It’s fine dining that’s chilled out and mellow and of course, exceptional food.


Guest Traveller Layne Beachley

Striking blue eyes, lovely deep tan, petite, fab talker and inspirational 7x world champion surfer (only surfer to claim six consecutive world titles) – no other than the incredible Layne Beachley.

Layne, what’s your favourite beach? Manly Beach – one of my favourite in the world – I feel so connected, understood, calm and relaxed here – It’s like home.

What does it feel like to surf? Like you’re walking on water. When you first start, it looks so challenging, you learn to navigate your way around the ocean and it teaches you to surrender yourself to the ocean and just go with the flow. You’re free of fear, ego, criticism – unless you choose to bring that with you.

Favourite town in Victoria? Daylesford – for its wineries, chocolate shops and eateries.

Aim For The Stars Foundation is Layne’s charity that’s all about empowering and enabling individuals to take control of their lives, to invest in their future to fulfil their potential and to put back into the community that supported them on their journey.

Aim For The Stars supports girls and women with initiative and passion, who are committed to achieving a dream and are courageous enough to ask for help along the way. Find out more here.

She’s 7x world champion but so down to earth, you’ll find her tonight at the Shoalhaven RSL with Tyler Wright to celebrate Tyler’s world title win.



Special Guest Donna Demaio 3AW Entertainment Reporter

The famous Flemington ‘Bird Cage’, describe it for us all… It’s like another world – of luxury, opulence and amazing food that’s filled with media, influencers, bloggers, glamour models and the like. Today, you’ll find Scott Eastwood, Curtis Stone, Michelle Payne and Alex Perry here.

Best dressed today? Megan Gale.

Thanks for tuning in!