Juggling, dreaming & looking for potential

by Thursday, January 11, 2018
How are you? How are you settling in to the New Year?
If it makes you feel any better, I’m all over the shop…Juggling children on school holidays.
Trying to keep the birds away from my apricot tree. (But just look at that basket – I won!)
Feeling guilty about not working enough (then feeling guilty about working in front of my children).
Trying to plan trips (with not much success).
And wondering what on earth I’m going to say in my upcoming Australia Day speech.I’m the Australia Day Ambassador for Hay, in country NSW, if you’d like to pop along or offer me any tips for the area…

Anyway, in the middle of my muddle, I read a letter that stopped me in my tracks and reminded me to not sweat the small stuff. It was posted in Twitter by a young woman who asked her family to publish her words – about life, in general – after her death.

So sad, yet so insightful. Holly’s “note before I die” just made me appreciate the here-and-now and to ‘take a big, deep breath’ and try to stop stressing so much. I wanted to share her letter with you…

This week on Journeys To Come

I’m grateful to our Guest Traveller and Concierge this week for taking the time to inspire us with their personal reflections and professional knowledge via their stories on the blog which all of us can enjoy…

Guest Traveller

Matt Harrington, an Aussie living in London, spent a day in Memphis, Tennessee, and took in Graceland, Sun Studios, among other attractions. It was clearly a momentous day for Matt and his young family.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to visit the mansion where Elvis Presley lived and the studio where he recorded his many smash hits… Read his story, here  And thank you to @graceland for the main photo of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Ask The Concierge

Daniel Wukovits is Head Concierge at the Palais Hansen Kempinski, in Vienna, Austria. He leads a team of eight, instilling in them his zest for life and his love for what he does – evidenced by this highly regarded membership of the renowned Les Clefs d’Or concierge association.

Daniel is a real Vienna expert: Born and raised in the Austrian capital, he knows the city like the back of his hand.
Read his story, here. 

Sydney Festival 

Ok. Now then, let’s dream a little, let’s be inspired together and, whether we choose to travel or not, let’s just be happy for having the option of a journey to come.

I’ve taken a small journey this week: A holiday with my sons, in my hometown of Sydney, which is in party mode all month as part of the Sydney Festival.

I promise there’s something to tickle all fancies here. Dance, theatre, art, music… the place is just revelling in a culture-fuelled summer in the city.

We loved Jurassic Plastic. You’ll find it right under the Town Hall and it’s basically massive dinosaur art, created by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji entirely from plastic toys. It’s bright, it’s interesting and makes you think twice about recycling.

If you’re in ol’ Sydney town up until 28 January, check out the Sydney Festival website and revel in this beautiful city.

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