Family Holiday Must-Have

by Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The camera on most smartphones these days is pretty impressive, however imagine turning the classic ‘smartphone pic’ into a professional, high quality, wall-worthy photo? The exciting little gadget pictured above is the Kodak SL25 Pixpro Smart Lens Camera, and it is all of the above, plus more.

Imagine this, you’re exploring with the kids and come across a beautiful bird you just must take a photo of, however it’s too far away to reach, and going closer will mean it will fly away before you get the chance to snap a pic. Don’t stress, the Smart Lens Camera has 25x optical zoom, so you can capture the moment before it’s gone. It’s 16 million pixels also ensures a crisp, clear and detailed photo every time.

So how does it work you ask? Simply download the free iOS or Android app, pop the lens on and you’re now using your phone’s screen as a viewfinder. Toggle to zoom in and out, easily download your selected photos and videos to your photo stream and albums, then share away. Easy as.

Some more amazing features: it has the ability to capture six frames per second and it’s 24mm wide angle lens allows you to capture all the action without moving an inch.

To discover more about this handy little lens, or to buy, click here.

PixPro Kodak