Where Catriona Rowntree escapes to on long weekends…

by Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Where do you like to escape to for a long weekend? Or, do you simply like to hide under a beloved doona?

This weekend, in my neck of the woods, we got a sleep-in on Monday so it was a mild sense of joy as we celebrated my son’s 8th birthday. For us, it was straight to museums, off to Scienceworks, I think, and a picnic in our nearby, regional park.

On “Getaway”, we had some great suggestions: kayaking on Sydney Harbour, and checking out the new exhibit at Australia Zoo. We’d love to share your top tips or suggestions for quick getaways, so please let us know. Until then, here’s a few from me…

1. Learn to surf with Go Ride A Wave – Torquay, Vic.

2. Horse riding and quad-biking – Glenworth Valley, NSW.

3. Flamenco dance lesson – Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tas..

4. Tiny House Accommodation – found on small farms, off the grid, via the In2thewild website.

5. Wine tour… ok, anywhere in Australia, I can’t pick one because we are so spoiled with our wonderful wine regions. I also love market tours, like the Adelaide Central Market. Sign me up!

So there’s a few of my favourite short escapes.

What are yours? Email us at editor@journeystocome.com