Looking forward to going back

by Saturday, December 22, 2018

Interview with Anthea Scerri: “My most favourite travel destination would have to be Tahiti. We’ve been there twice. The second time was the best. We were on the Paul Gauguin ship. It was just bliss. The service, the attention, pulling in to different ports in Polynesia. It was just beautiful.”

Anthea Scerri with her husband.

Her top tip for holidaying in Tahiti

“When you’re in Tahiti, the key stop will be Papeete [the capital of French Polynesia]. Make sure you stop for a fresh coconut drink.”

The famous, fresh-coconut drink of Tahiti.

“Then, when you board the ship and check in to your cabin, best to unpack everything from your suitcase and hang/fold all of it into your closet. Unless you’re staying in a suite, the standard size of the cabin is quite minimal so you don’t want your suitcase sitting in your room. So, unpack everything, leave your suitcase under your bed, and just pick out your clothes, daily, from the closet.”

Something she always packs when she travels

“I’m not one to travel light. I tend to pack two of everything so I don’t have to make a choice. When I’m travelling for work I tend to pack one suit with a skirt and a pair of trousers and then I just pack blouses to mix and match with that. And then I have two pairs of casuals, two pairs of evening wear and two pairs of jeans. I also don’t leave home without an international adaptor because you don’t want to be running low on your iPhone. I travel with two phones – one is my work phone and the other is my personal phone. When I arrive at a designation I buy a SIM card at the airport for exactly the number of days I need, and they install it for me and make sure that it’s all working. When I get calls on my work phone, I then call from my other phone and it reduces the charges.”

Paul Gauguin, the ship.

A destination on her bucket list, for future travels 

“Going to all the places I haven’t been to before and even going back to some of the places I’ve visited. I would like to go back to Europe to visit Portugal and Spain. And also Jordan, Israel, Morocco and Russia.”

Morocco. Photo: Dave Shaw.

A travel disaster – or near-miss – which stays in her mind

“The two times that we went to Tahiti, both times the airline lost our luggage. The first time it ended up in Narita, Japan. It travelled even further than we did! My tip is to make sure that when the airline staff are tagging your bags, you have to ensure they are tagging your bags to the right destination.”

Anthea had her own private chef on the Paul Gauguin.

About Anthea Scerri:

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