Love, mum

by Sunday, May 4, 2014

​Love,Mum is a new book that I’m both proud and humbled to be a part of. Proud that I can contribute in some small way to the amazing charity Miracle Babies (proceeds from the book go towards this), and humbled to be included in a book with so many inspiring women.

​I received an email a few weeks ago from the remarkable photographer Marie Ramos, asking if she could photograph me at home with my children. I responded ‘you bet’ within a heartbeat. Normally I’m protective of my personal life, but I knew I’d be safe with Marie and that this was such an effortless way to contribute to her passion project.

I spent days preparing my garden, cleaned the house like a woman possessed and wrestled my children into posh shirts. Sure enough, Marie turned up, took one look at the light shining through an old window and said ‘that’s it!’ I’d love to have included my Husband James in the shot, but he was far more important behind the camera, making the boys laugh. We all contribute in our own special way.

​The shoot was over within the hour, thank heavens as I’d run out of bickies to bribe the boys with. But I’m thrilled with the shots and the whole gorgeous book. Each Mum is just so magnificent and the smiles could not be broader as we cuddle the most precious gems in our lives.

​Please support the book and Miracle Babies, you can purchase a copy here. Oh, and have a beautiful Mothers Day too♥

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