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by Sunday, March 10, 2019

We first met storyteller Adam Wallace in How to holiday like a children’s book author. Well, we’re pleased to say, the “New York Times” bestselling author is back with “Five Tips for Visiting Slovenia, well Ljubljana really”. Enjoy!

Adam Wallace, in BLED. He says, “Go to Bled. It’s amazing. And beautiful. And amazing. The castle is lovely to explore, but the lake is incredible. I could have stood and stared for hours, imagining stories. Oh wait, that’s exactly what I DID do!”

1 Get Ready to Laugh! Slovenians laugh easier and better than anyone anywhere I have ever met. They love a joke, and are willing to actually really laugh, without holding back. This gives such a sense of welcoming and joy, and you immediately feel at home.

Seriously. They are funny, funny people! 

2 Ljubljana is a lovely city, and it isn’t large but has lovely little pockets and different areas to explore, from the castle to little side streets, to dragon bridges and more. You can walk without a map and basically always find a landmark that will get you back to where you want to go. Trust me. I did it at 2am on my second night after one too many… waters. I’m a children’s author. I drank water.

The Dragon Bridge. Ljubljana is the city of dragons, and dragons are cool, and Ljubljana is cool, so it all fits! There is even a dragon bridge!!! Where are my dragons? In Ljubljana!

3 Learn a few words. Or at least ask people. Everyone I asked, in whatever shop, how to say certain phrases, was incredibly helpful, and appreciative that I was attempting to learn. Some even wrote words and phrases down for me. For Australians, the best word in Slovenia is thank you, because you just say koala!

Metelkova. It’s an old prison that has been converted a few times, and now is home to hipsters and awesome nights! And amazing (and creepy) sculptures!

4 Feel Safe. You will. Ljubljana is one of the safest cities in the world. Obviously be smart, and don’t wander around lost at two in the morning after one too many… waters, but even if you do, you still feel incredibly safe.

Limbay Gin. It’s a local drink, and woah Nellie, it has a little kick to it! But it sure does warm ya cockles! It’s water though, right?

5. Slovenia, well, Ljubljana really, is the centre of the world, sort of. But from there you can visit so many places. You can drive most of Slovenia in hours, and you are also only a couple of hours from Italy, Croatia, Austria and more. It is a fantastic base to explore other parts of Europe. “What are you doing on the weekend?” “Oh, just going shopping … in Italy!!!”


Tabu. These guys rock!!!!!! If you are ever in town and they are playing, go and see them. The crowd goes off, and so do they!

Main image: Aneta Pawlik on Unsplash

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