Make a passion happen!

by Friday, October 6, 2017

My amazing aunt Rosslyn.

I love to meet people on my travels who’ve managed to morph an everyday passion into an extraordinary journey. It’s inspiring and a helluva lot of fun.

So, how do they make it happen?

To answer this question, I consulted my very own role model, my aunt Rosslyn (see pic). The woman’s amazing. After a double knee reconstruction, she was told the best way to recover was to either swim or cycle.

My aunt fell in love with both and promptly joined up with a local swim club who are now such close comrades as they travel around the world together combining their love of swimming and travelling – from the Bosphorus to the bays of the Cinque Terre.

This woman astounds me and is such a leading light to the joy of following your passions.

If you’d like to read my A to Z of just a small snapshot of hobbies-turned-holidays from which to choose, see the full story on the website.

Also on Journeys To Come this week, we met Guest Traveller Dean Johnston who travelled to Sagres in Portugal for a week of drinking mojitos on the beach, dining on the local catch of the day, and other relaxing pursuits. Those beaches! That sunset!

Then, in our Ask The Concierge, we visited Lark Hotels’ Whitehall in Camden, Maine, USA, and met the managers, Billy and Andrea Decaneo. You just know you have to put a place on your bucket list when the locals won’t tell you all of the secret spots they enjoy on their days off!

Before I go, my heart is jumping as I get to wrap our chat up with a sweet prize. I’m excited to offer, thanks to Hotel Lindrum in Melbourne, a beautiful, Australian-essential-oil scented candle in the hotel’s signature fragrance – orange blossom. All you need to do is add a comment to one of our ‘Scented’ competition posts on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook AND follow us and you’re in the draw.

Don’t forget to follow your passion – wherever it may take you on your journey!


P.S. Thanks to Natalie Miller Design for the gorgeous main pic of the hammock. You can read about Natalie’s tours, and 12 other opportunities to turn your hobbies into holidays, here.

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