Meredith Gaston’s idea of travel heaven

by Saturday, July 14, 2018
I daydream about returning to Kas, a vibrant, soulful village on the south coast of Turkey. Set between the mountains and the sea, garlands of bougainvillea against blue sky, cobblestone streets with the most beautiful shops and markets nestled in, kind, welcoming people and a deliciously unhurried pace of life… my idea of heaven! We found exquisite rugs and linens, jewellery and ceramics to treasure and gift, spent days swimming in the sea and eating local produce, took walks to explore the hills, ancient ruins and olive groves, and even learnt a bit of Turkish thanks to encouraging locals!
Top travel tip for Turkey
Rent a car from Antalya airport and drive three hours through the countryside and little villages on route to Kas. Leave town early morning to the sound of prayers and sunrise over the mountains and sea. Oh, and if I can sneak in a second tip – stay at Hotel Kale. The rooms, views and breakfasts are exquisite and, with a private sun-deck suspended over the Mediterranean sea, it is intimate, relaxing, unfussy and decadent.
Something Meredith always packs
Snacks! I always pack travel picnics with healthy and delicious food options, and plenty of fresh water. I make bliss-balls and crackers, salads with colourful vegetables, and pack a few little condiments too, like a little mustard or chutney. I can’t help myself!
Meredith’s Bucket List
Spain. I would love to travel through the cities and countryside of Spain because I am fascinated by the spirit, colour, and creativity that emanates from Spanish culture.
Her travel disaster or near miss
Let’s just say I can highly recommend checking the validity of your passport well prior to departure! Mine had become a bit vintage, a fact noticed as late as customs once I had already checked my luggage in at Sydney airport on route to Rome. Flights rescheduled, nights of accommodation lost, days at the consulate, and a false start that’s been hard to forget! Thankfully, the magnificence of the trip that followed eclipsed all initial disaster. 
About Meredith Gaston 
Meredith Gaston is an internationally acclaimed author, artist and health coach based on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula of Victoria. An avid traveller from a young age, she even met the love of her life at the arrivals gate of an airport! Meredith has spent time living in Italy and Germany, and is perpetually inspired by adventure. The author or five best-selling books in the wellness space, Meredith is passionate about cultivating health and happiness in daily life.