Mikaela Phillips on Manhattan Beach: “Everything you imagine LA to be”

by Saturday, April 14, 2018

My favourite travel destination to date would be Manhattan Beach, California. Only a 10-minute drive south of LAX [Los Angeles airport], it is the epitome of California lifestyle and living! From old-fashioned ice-cream stores, to beach volleyball, endless beach days (even in winter you’ll find surfers and locals out), great shopping/dining and people always in bikinis ha ha, it’s everything you imagine LA to be! I was lucky enough to be able to immerse myself in the beach town’s culture for a few years while living over in Los Angeles and definitely recommend bypassing other beaches for a visit there instead.

Mikaela Phillips.

Mikaela’s top tip for holidaying in Manhattan Beach

Hmm… I’d say to fully enjoy everything it has to offer and see. Be sure to visit in peak season, over Summer months, and try to find the closest hotel, apartment or short stay. That’ll truly allow you to immerse yourself; to experience it as a true, Manhattan Beach local!

Something Mikaela always packs when she travels

It may sound funny, but my own food! You can guarantee it’s all the snacks or meals you enjoy eating and it’s also a great way to keep control of what you’re consuming. And for those – like myself – with certain food allergies, it’s also a great alternative to avoid any reactions.

A destination on her bucket list

Where do I begin?! With most of the USA nearly ticked off, my eyes are totally set on Europe! From London to Scotland, to Italy and Greece, each one has so many destinations within them I’d love to see! However, Australia still holds the key to one of my dream travel destinations… our breathtaking and picture-perfect Whitsunday Islands! I hope to visit all these places very soon!

A travel disaster – or near-miss

It was a near-miss experience with a severe tornado in Texas, USA. We had just done a road trip from Atlanta, Georgia, to Texas, passing Alabama, Missisippi and Louisianna and stopped in Texas before catching a flight. The weather totally changed and began raining heavily with purple lightning! I’ve never anything like it! They put out a nationwide warning which, not being something I’ve ever experienced in Australia, was slightly scary! We also thought we’d miss our flight as flights had been cancelled! The weather did better, we made our flight and were so glad to not have experienced a Tornado on that trip!

About Mikaela Phillips 

At 22-years of age, Mikaela Phillips is one of Australia’s youngest, emerging breakout talents! Known for her work in both producing and acting in the Australian TV Drama Series “Counter Play”, airing on Australia’s Channel 9/9GO! and Amazon Prime Video, Mikaela already has worldwide credits under her belt and has broken records such as: “Youngest host, at 18, to ever be accepted into Afterbuzz TV network”, and “being among the first females taking a web series to not only commercial television but also to a major worldwide distributor”. Mikaela continues to defy all the conventional instincts of someone her age and this is only the beginning for her.