Egypt has my heart

by Friday, November 24, 2017
As I write to you from Egypt, I’m aware of terrible news coming in from the other side of the country.
I’d like to offer my sympathies to all involved, let people know I’m completely safe and far, far away from Sinai. It’s an area that’s been off limits to travellers, sadly, for a very long time. That said, please don’t mark a nation from this horrendous moment.
Egypt has my heart, has done since I was a child, and I’m here to sing its many praises.
When I first arrived here, I realised that travelling to a place like this can be an emotional experience.
Sometimes, travelling can be a emotional journey. That’s what I’m finding as I write to you from The Nile, in Egypt.

A week ago, I invited my Instagram followers to join me for breakfast in Cairo and, as I post pics, I seem to be opening the floodgates of emotion for lots of different people for lots of different reasons. I’m talking about the people who want to venture here, as well as those for whom I’m bringing back memories of former trips.

The moment we arrived, for our very first shot at Giza to see the Pyramids, I had some Aussies come straight up to me (I hadn’t even stepped out of the mini-van) wanting to share their stories. They were living out their childhood dreams to see the pyramids. Others are walking on air as they tick off another bucket-list location.

I am, of course, also experiencing so much warmth from the locals here. Egyptians themselves are having their heartstrings pulled over the beauty of their homeland, as they proudly share with me their ancient history.

“Getaway” is the first travel show to return here since 2010 – the beginning of the Arab Spring. Other than us, they’ve only had news crews come to report one negative story after another. Their reaction, of utter surprise and joy, when I tell them we are here on a positive note, is palpable. I feel so much compassion toward these people.

I hope you’ve been able to see from my pics from this trip with Scenic luxury cruises, my stories, and ultimately our “Getaway” TV special that the country is still extraordinary, that I feel totally safe and that I, too, have heightened emotions from being surrounded by so many remarkable sights.

My tip is to travel here in November because the climate right now seems perfect to me. I don’t in my heart think this would be an easy location for those in a wheelchair as it can get pretty rugged. Promise me you’ll sample a Felucca boat ride, and a Sound & Light Show at one of the temples – it’s otherworldly.

Ok, enough of my raving. Let me draw your attention to the wonderful journey made by this week’s Guest Traveller, Carole Searle, who went glamping in the Brisbane Ranges, an hour west of Melbourne (near my farm!). If you’d like to win a 2-night glamping holiday – from the very generous Western Glamping Co. – look for the ‘glamping’ posts on Facebookand Instagram and tag a friend.

Also, this past week in ‘Ask the Concierge‘ we met Hallil Tinaztepe from the Shangri-La Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey. What a stunning hotel in another eye-wateringly beautiful location. Please! Take a read!

So, as I leave The Nile waters, I soon will tick off one of my own bucket-list experiences: To have a G&T at the bar of The Cataract Hotel in Aswan, where Agatha Christie bunked down (hardly a bunk, it’s 5-star) to write “Death On The Nile”. Parts of the film were shot here, too. Love that film!

I promise to write to you next week from Jordan. That will be my first time there so, yes, expect more emotion. That’s just how we roll isn’t it? Actually, I’ll say goodbye to you this week with a great quote from ‘James Bond 007’ author Ian Fleming, who set portions of his book “The Spy Who Loved Me”, here:

“Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes’, otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life.”

And, BTW, my Boss from “Getaway” sent me a request to put forward any story ideas for 2018 so, let’s respond together: Where would You like to go? Let me know:!

Until our next adventure…